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Network Switches

Electro Standards Laboratories manufactures a wide array of Physical Layer Switches to support Ethernet, Fiber, Serial, USB and other connections/networks.  Our brands include PathWay®, LineSelect® and QuickSwitch®

Our physical layer switches support a variety of applications including Automatic Fallback, Process Control, Telco, TV&Radio Broadcasting, Video Surveillance Systems and More.  

  • Automatic fallback switches based on loss of data on port A.
  • Automatic sensing switches that automatically switch to the port with valid activity.
  • Normal/redundant fallback switches that self-configure connectivity based on the devices connected to them.
  • Remote power reboot switches with 10-Base-T LAN/WAN access.
  • Code-operated switches.
  • Disaster recovery automatic backup switches
  • Custom and standard network switches for commercial, industrial and military applications. 
  • Flexible switches that operate as a fallback switch or as an A/B switch.
  • Password protected switches with high isolation for secure networks.
  • GUI software for easy remote computer-control.
  • Speeds to Gigabyte.
  • A/B switches, 4-way switches, 8-way switches, and more.

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