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Power and Energy

Power and Energy Industries

Electro Standards Laboratories' Research and Development Team is comprised of knowledgeable scientist and engineers with many years of experience in the power electronics field.  Utilizing this experience and knowledge, they have developed several COTS products that are used in various power applications, supporting Power and Energy Industries all over the world.  They also have the capability to custom design our products to work with any application. 

SCUPS® Super Capacitor Uninterruptable Power Supply

Designed to provide backup DC power to a nominal 12VDC or 24VDC system in the event that the primary power supply is interrupted.

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12 VDC Power:

SCUPS® Model 1027

SCUPS® Model 1026

24VDC Power:

SCUPS® Model 1023

The SCUPS® is perfect for low power remote systems where primary power can be interrupted. Typical applications include remote locations with intermittent grid power or renewable energy systems such as solar powered systems.

The SCUPS® is easily integrated into user equipment or can be supplied in a standalone package.

Lithium Ion Capacitor Development Shelves

Lithium Ion Capacitor Development Shelves are intended to ease the incorporation of LiC modules into any system application.  The shelf is designed for easy mounting in a commercially available equipment rack. Custom configurations are available upon request. 

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