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Life Sciences Consulting

Work with Electro Standards Laboratories to Support Medical Technology Research & Design

Dr. Brandon Sepe's leadership of the company’s Life Sciences Consulting arm provides opportunities for collaborative research initiatives, wherein Electro Standards Laboratories can help. We look forward to growing our involvement in the burgeoning field of healthcare technology by examining areas of need, asking the right questions, and formulating impactful solutions.

Electro Standards R&D Engineering and Life Sciences Innovation

Life Sciences is a rapidly evolving field, with an increasing proportion of healthcare comprised of imaging studies, laboratory tests, and novel pharmacologic agents. Fueling the improvement in each of these care modalities is medical technology, and along with it, scientific research. Much of this scientific research is multidisciplinary in nature, requiring collaboration between clinicians, engineers, statisticians, and technicians to seamlessly incorporate requisite knowledge bases. The output from such investigations that span a spectrum of scientific disciplines and that combine multiple areas of expertise is oftentimes a novel, cutting edge medical device or treatment approach that propels the healthcare field forward. Here at Electro Standards Laboratories, we pride ourselves in functioning as the catalyst, the source of expertise, and the substrate for collaboration, with the express purpose of jumpstarting healthcare device research and development into the future.

Leveraging Electrical Engineering, Electronics Manufacturing and Medical Knowledge

Electro Standards Laboratories has the unique capability to leverage electrical engineering technical proficiencies with electronics manufacturing capability, medical knowledge, and clinical research tools. We have mobilized these resources to create a multi-faceted research engine, with a poignant focus on developing healthcare-related devices. In particular, our approach has proven valuable in the field of clinical neuropsychiatry, where the parallels between neuronal pathways and electrical circuitry are clear and translatable. Our collaborative efforts alongside clinical psychiatrists, research psychologists, and academic outlets have resulted in federal and state-funded technology development exploring new treatment tools for psychiatric illness. Similarly, we have facilitated investigations into prototyping and producing human-electronic interfaces—specifically in the realm of artificial limbs—by once again drawing upon the conserved elements between human and electronic networks.

Beyond the fields of neurology and neuropsychiatry, Electro Standards Laboratories has pioneered into the broader sphere of medical device development by focusing on several additional sources of innovation. Our knowledge of machine learning principles provides almost limitless possibilities in the context of human physiologic data gathering and stratification. This potential for human data mining, combined with our in-house medical expertise, provides the foundation for interpreting physiologic values and extrapolating integral medical information. In this way, Electro Standards is primed to continue making significant contributions toward medical device discovery.

Life Sciences Team 

Facets of the services offered by Electro Standards Laboratories are illustrated by several key members of the company team. In addition to the innovative electrical engineering minds led by Raymond Sepe Jr—Vice President of company R&D—is medical experience and expertise offered by Brandon Sepe, MD. Through his role as chief company Biomedical & Life Sciences Consultant, Brandon’s medical training, clinical acumen, and varied research background add a crucial skillset to the Electro Standards framework, paving the way for company involvement in the aforementioned realms of medical technology development. 

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