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Wireless Web-Based Monitoring and Control

Electro Standards offers turnkey R&D Contract Engineering Services in the area of Wireless Web-Based Monitoring and Control. The Web-Enabled Data Acquisition System (WEDAQ) provides in-vehicle data acquistion and global positioning information with remote real-time access to other geographical locations via the Internet. Real-time data is concurrently streamed and stored on both the in-vehicle local side and remote side, ensuring that test data is recovered on the remote side even if aggressive maneuvers damage the vehicle itself, effectively resulting in an "off-vehicle" data black box. Archived data from previous tests can also be transferred to the remote side on demand. Vehicle path is automatically tracked in real-time using the WEDAQ GPS capabilities. Data and vehicle location can be correlated to ensure test repeatability. WEDAQ is self-contained, requiring only a 12VDC battery connection. 

Channel controls allow the remote user to adjust the system to match the speed of the internet communications channel. Data can be synchronized to minimize temporal delay as seen on the remote side, and data decimation can be used to more closely match the streaming data rate with effective internet channel bandwidth. This can be especially important as a vehicle moves between cells with differing channel integrity while streaming test data.

In-Vehicle Web-Based Data Acquisition Unit including Signal Conditioning and Storage, Local Data Display and GPS.

WEDAQ block diagram shown below:

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