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4-State RJ45 Cat5e Switch Features Keylock Actuator for Secure Switching
4-State RJ45 Cat5e Switch Features Keylock Actuator for Secure Switching
Model 9250 Incorporates an AB Switch and an ABC Switch in a Single Rackmount Configuration
The Model 9250 includes two independent switches, a DB25 ABC switch and a DB25 AB switch.
Switch 4 Channels Simultaneously with Model 4546 A/B Switch with Phoenix Connectors
Each of the four channels of the Model 4546 allows quick connection to any one of two devices from one COMMON device.
Model 9257 Dual Channel RS530 DB25 A/B Switch Features Independent Channel Switching
The Model 9257 RS530 DB25 A/B Switch accesses two DB25 interface devices connected to its A and B ports with one DB25 interface device connected to its COMMON port for each channel.
New Model 4133 DB25 Auto Fallback A/B Switch Offers Complete Remote Switch Management Capabilities
The PathWay Model 4133 shares a single port interface device connected to the COMMON port among two other devices connected to the A and B ports.
Individually Switch 6 Channels with Model 9258 RS530 DB25 A/B Switch
The Model 9258 RS530 DB25 A/B Switch is a rackmount configured switch with six independent channels of A/B switch function.
Model 9067 RJ45 10/100Base-T A/B Switch Modules Create Efficient Mix & Match Switching System
Each Model 9067 switch module allows the user to switch a device connected to the COMMON port between devices connected to ports A or B. Up to eight of the switch modules can be housed in one Model ...
Switch Mouse, Keyboard and USB Ports Simultaneously with Model 7284 A/B Switch
The Model 7284 switches mouse, keyboard and USB ports simultaneously.
Cat5e Switch with Keylock Insures Secure Switching
The Model 5529 is a Single Channel 3-State, Cat5e RJ45 Network Switch with keylock actuator that is ideal for video conference room communications.
Critical Network Alternate-Path Switching with Model 7223 DB15 A/B Switch
The Model 7223 network switch enables sharing of a single device with a DB15 interface connector among two other devices. This IP addressable switch is ideal for critical network alternate-path ...
Model 9447 Manual Switch is a Highly Reliable A/B Switch fo any DB9 Connector Interface
The Model 9447 DB9 RS-232 A/B Switch improves computer efficiency by allowing the sharing of peripherals.
Code Operated DB25 Switches: M7288SS 4-Port Data Switch Utilizes Solid State Switches
The Model 7288SS is a 4-Port DB25 Code Operated Switch that utilizes solid state switches, maintains last set position on power loss and returns to this position upon restoration of power.