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Model 4215 Series Smart Strain Gauge Indicators Serve Many Industrial Applications
Model 4215 series calibration-quality Smart Strain Gauge Indicators
CellMite Model 4338 LVDT Digital Signal Conditioner Available with Two Different Software Packages
The Model 4338 CellMite digital signal conditioner connects to an AC LVDT transducer.
CellMite Model 4325B-GUI Digital Signal Conditioner - Ideal for Distributed Process Measurements
The Model 4325B-GUI is a compact digital signal conditioner that connects directly to a standard strain gage based load cell, extensometer or pressure sensor and simultaneously generates a serial ...
Model 4337 CellMite Ideal for Strain Gage Extensometers Used to Test Steel and Other Industrial Materials
CellMite Model 4337 is a Digital Signal Conditioner that is ideal for use with Strain Gage Extensometers used to test steel or other industrial testing applications
CellMite Model 4326 Digital Signal Conditioning and So Much More!
This CellMite board, Model 4326, can be directly integrated into a standard strain gage transducer such as a load cell or extensometer.
CellMite Goes Wireless - Intelligent Digital Signal Conditioning - No Strings Attached!
CellMite Model 4329 wireless feature allows communication up to 1500 feet with a +/-10V analog output.
M4338 CellMite LVDT AC Excitation Intelligent Digital Signal Conditioner
The CellMite LVDT connects directly to a standard AC LVDT transducer and simultaneously generates a serial output for connection to a PC and a +/-10V analog output. Its multi-drop RS232 serial port ...
CellMite M4336 Intelligent Digital Signal Conditioner is Ideal for Geotechnical Apps
The CellMite M4336 is designed to facilitate soil testing.
CellMite M4336 Quad AC/DC Mixed LVDT and Force Measurement Intelligent Digital Signal Conditioner
CellMite Quad AC/DC mixed LVDT and Force Measurement Digital Signal Conditioner, 4-channel, connects directly to two AC LVDT transducers and two DC strain gage force transducers and provides direct ...
No Fiber Optic Signal Loss with Model 5191 Remotely Controllable QuickSwitch
QuickSwitch 5191 acts as a signal source and prevents optical signal loss.
M4336 CellMite Quad Intelligent Digital Signal Conditioner - Designed for Soil Testing
The CellMite Quad Intelligent Digital Signal Conditioner with two LVDT & two strain gage channels is designed for soil test applications.
M4325 New Low-Cost, Mini-Sized, Super-Smart Digital Signal Conditioner!
New Low-Cost, Mini-Sized, Super-Smart Digital Signal Conditioner!