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Data Acquisition, Process Control & Measurement
Sensor Boards for embedded apps with high speed & accuracy analog and digital data acquisition. Current Sensor Boards closed loop current sensing
Sensors & Signal Processing
Smart Sensors Signal Processing and Powerful Load Cell Electronics
Power Storage & Management Systems
Power and Energy Storage Solutions using ULTIMO Lithium Ion Capacitors incorporating into LiC Modules SCUPS® and Energy ActionSystem Development Shelf
Plug and Play Load Cell Systems from Electro Standards Laboratories
Electro Standards Laboratories utilizes TEDS-Tag Load Cells with its Model 4215 and CellMites to create plug and play load cell systems.
Electro Standards Laboratories Now Offers ULTIMO Lithium Ion Supercapacitors
ESL new offers Ultimo ultra capacitors in both single cells and multi-cell modules.
ESL Instruments Implement TEDS-Tag to Easily Store Multiple Load Cell Calibration Entries
ESL TEDS-Tag Auto-ID System retains the self-identification feature of the TEDS standard and is simple to implement on any load cell.
Load Cell System – Engineering a Low-Cost Plug & Play Solution
Electro Standards Laboratories publishes article entitled "Load Cell System - Engineering a Low-Cost Plug & Play Solution"
New Model 4215A-204-1 Dual Channel Smart Load Cell Indicator from Electro Standards Laboratories
Model 4215A-204-1 load cell indicator captures the load peak and valley, and displays in pounds, kilograms, Newtons, PSI, MegaPascals, kilo-pounds, kilo-Newtons, metric tons, or mV/V.
CellView Lite Software Lightens Your Data Load with its Easy to Use GUI!
CellView Lite Software provides an easy graphical user interface (GUI) to use with their CellMite Intelligent Digital Signal Conditioners.
Calibration Quality Load Cell Indicators Now Available with Single or Dual Channels!
The Model 4215 is an intelligent microprocessor based instrument designed for measurement and control of strain gauge transducer based systems.
Electro Standards Intros Smart Load Cell Indicator with Auto Load Cell ID
The Model 4215 is designed for load cell amplification and to measure and control strain gage transducer based systems.
M4215 New Dual Channel Smart Load Cell Indicator
M4215 New Dual Channel Smart Load Cell Indicator