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Power Storage & Management Systems

Power Electronics for Energy Storage and Management Systems

Electro Standards Laboratories’ Research and Development Engineers & Scientists have expertise in energy storage, management, and integration of monolithic and hybrid systems made from combinations of Lithium Ion Super Capacitors, batteries, turbines, and solar cells.

Utilizing this experience and knowledge, they have developed several COTS product lines used in various power applications, supporting Power and Energy Industries all over the world.  Products that have emerged from this research includes the SCups® line of super capacitor uninterruptible power supplies and our lithium-ion capacitor Energy ActionSystem Development Shelf — an industry first. 

SCUPS® Super Capacitor Uninterruptable Power Supply

  • Provides critical power backup for remote locations.

  • Recognized for significant advantages over battery UPS systems.

  • Low Maintenance, Long Life Service, Wide Temperature Range

The SCUPS® SuperCapacitor Uninterruptible Power Supplies are designed to provide backup DC power to a nominal 12VDC or 24VDC system in the event that the primary power supply is interrupted. Loss of the primary power is automatically detected and DC power is then supplied from the SCUPS®.  Once the primary power is restored, it is routed to the load and used to recharge the super capacitor in the SCUPS®.

The use of the SuperCapacitor for energy storage provides a very low maintenance solution with extremely high cycle life and without the shelf life concerns of the typical battery backup systems.

The SCUPS® is perfect for low power remote systems where primary power can be interrupted.  Typical applications include remote locations with intermittent grid power or renewable energy systems such as solar powered systems.

The SCUPS® is easily integrated into user equipment or can be supplied in a standalone package

SCUPS® are available in encased units or board-only to work with embedded applications.

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Lithium Ion Capacitor Development Shelves - Energy ActionSystems

Another product developed by ESL's Engineers using Lithium Ion Capacitor technology was the Energy ActionSystem Development Shelf.  These Lithium Ion Capacitory Development Shelves are intended to ease the incorporation of LiC modules into any system application.  The shelf is designed for easy mounting in a commercially available equipment rack.

Custom configurations are available upon request!

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Work with Our Engineering Team to Develop Custom Designs

Do you need a custom designed product for your power/energy application?  If so, our experts can help you, please submit a Custom Product Request Form here: https://www.electrostandards.com/support/custom-product-request/ or give us a call!

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