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3300F Prismatic Lithium Ion Capacitor Cell ESL703301 (JSR CPQ3300SD)

    ismatic (JSR CPP3300S)
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Catalog No: ESL703301
Model No: CPQ3300SD
DC-IR [m Ohm]:0.7
Dimensions:150.2x93.2x15.8 (LxWxT) mm
Gravimet. Enrgy Density Wh/kg:13
Gravimetric Pwr Density kW/kg:10
Operating Temp [°C]:-30 to 70
Rate Voltage Min.:2.2V
Rated Voltage Max.:3.8V
Self Discharge:Less than 5%
Volumetric Energy Density Wh/L:20
Volumetric Pwr Density kW/L:15
Weight [G]:350
Cell Type:Prismatic
Capacitance [F]:3300


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ULTIMO 3300F, Prismatic Cell Model , CPQ3300SD, Catalog Number ESL703301

Ultra Low Resistance Lithium Ion Supercapacitors for Superior Energy and Power

ULTIMO Prismatic Cell is an electricity storage device with both high energy density and high power density features that can be charged and discharged at a large current. Ensuring high degree of safety, ULTIMO cells feature enhanced repeated charge and discharge characteristics, little self-discharge, and wider working temperature ranges.

Backup, Storage, Peak Assist, Power Leveling & Other Uses

They can be used for various purposes such as Power Backup, Storage, Leveling, Peak Assist, and Energy Regeneration, Contributing to Stabilization of Power Supply, Electricity Storage, Electricity Economization, Electricity Conservation, and the like.

Ideal for Mobile Applications such as Energy Recuperation

ULTIMO cells can be used in mobile applications such as energy recuperation in cars, buses, light rail vehicles (LRV), trams and other commercial vehicles.

Prismatic cells are thin, robust, lightweight, compact, safe in use and show excellent thermal behavior, resulting in a wide spectrum of applications.  This design excels in heat radiation efficiency and ease of implementation in comparison with the common cylindrical type.

Call for Pricing. Quantity discounts may apply.

To ensure your safety, this product is being offered to businesses only. All orders placed will be reviewed for proper applications. All safety instructions will be reviewed. When the review process is complete, a Non-Disclosure Agreement must be signed before the order is processed.

Electro Standards Labs offers Engineering Services

Electro Standards Labs can design and build your power electronic systems, converters, and cables. Hybrid Energy Storage Systems (HESS) can be designed to combine batteries and ultra-caps together for energy density and power density. Call 401-943-1164 to speak to a sales engineer or email: eslab@electrostandards.com.

Long Life, High Durability

An ULTIMO cell can be operated at a cell voltage higher than that of an electric double layer capacitor and has excellent high temperature durability. This characteristic is achieved by a design that uses the pre-doping process to lower the potential of the negative electrode and thereby to restrict an increase in the potential of the positive electrode; at the same time, this suppresses the deterioration of the negative electrode, resulting in high durability even after repetition of charge-discharge cycles.

Safety, ULTIMO Cells Neither Burn Nor Explode

ULTIMO cells neither burn nor explode in any of overcharge, over discharge, and external short-circuit tests, exhibiting excellent safety.

In a lithium ion battery, the positive electrode uses metal oxide, which is decomposed thermally as a result of an increase in the cell temperature under abnormal conditions and releases oxygen, with the possibility of triggering a thermal runaway reaction.

On the other hand, an ULTIMO cell uses activated charcoal in the positive electrode and releases heat due to short-circuit or the like under abnormal conditions; however, this does not cause a thermal runaway reaction, exhibiting excellent safety.



 Tests Conditions  Results: Fire  Results: Rupture 

Current: 200 A
State of Charge: 250%
Max. voltage: 20 V with constraining unit 

 Not Observed

Not Observed 
 Over-discharge Current: 200 A
Voltage: 0 V 
 Not Observed  Not Observed
 External short circuit Short resistance: 3 m Ohm
Ambient Temperature: 55°C 
 Not Observed  Not Observed

These values are typical ones, which are subject to change without notice.

 3300F Type  CPQ3300SD  Remarks
 Operating Temperature [°C]  -30 to 70  Charge: CCCV, 3.8V for 30 min
 Rated Voltage [V]  2.2V - 3.8V  Discharge: CC, 10A, 2.2V
 Capacitance [F]  3300  Ambient Temp: 25° C
 DC-IR IR [m Ohm] 0.7  
 Gravimetric Energy Density [Wh/kg] 13  Average discharge power at maximum
 Volumetric Energy Density [Wh/L]  20  discharge current (1200A) at 25°C.
 Gravimetric Power Density [kW/kg]  10  
 Volumetric Power Density [kW/L] 15  
 Self Discharge Less than 5%  3 months at 25°C 
 Dimension (L x W x T) [mm] 150.2 x 93.2 x 15.8   Without terminals
 Weight (G) 350  Without terminals

Comparison: LIC Vs EDLC

  • Twice the volumetric capacitance of EDLC
  • Energy density: LIC is 2-3 times higher than EDLC, enables smaller and lighter
  • Rated Voltage: LIC requires about 2/3 fewer cells than EDLC for same voltage module.
  • Self discharge: LICs have significantly lower self-discharge rate. LICs have extremely low leakage current at 50% SOC.

Electro Standards Laboratories also offers Lithium Ion SuperCapacitor Modules

  • Featuring Ultra Low Resistance ULTIMO
  • Key Technology: Pre-doping the anode with lithium ions provides: Higher Capacitance, Higher Voltage, and Higher Energy Density.
  • A Master Controller is used to balance between modules.
  • Unique laminate design retains 95% of charge for >3 months and can be cycled up to 1 million times.
  • High accurate inter-cell voltage balance control.
  • All modules include cell balancing, over charge and over discharge alarms, and a high temperature alarm
  • Enables fast charge/discharge at high current.
  • Excellent durability/reliability.
  • High energy density for compact light weight equipment.
  • Higher operating voltage.
  • Extremely low leakage.
  • Long cycle life

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