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Lithium-Ion SuperCapacitor Cells, Modules, Cables & More

SuperCapacitors for Superior Energy and Power for Backup, Storage, Peak Assist/Power Leveling & More

ULTIMO Prismatic Cell is an electricity storage device with both high energy density and high power density features that can be charged and discharged at a large current.

Lithium Ion SuperCapacitor Modules

  • Featuring Ultra Low Resistance ULTIMO with the technology of pre-doping the anode with lithium ions
  • A Master Controller is used to balance between modules. High accurate inter-cell voltage balance control.
  • All modules include cell balancing, over charge and over discharge alarms, and a high temperature alarm
  • Enables fast charge/discharge at high current.
  • Excellent durability/reliability, Long cycle life
  • High energy density for compact light weight equipment.
  • Higher operating voltage.
  • Extremely low leakage.
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