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303 Sure-Guard Surge Suppressor

Base Price $34.00 /Ea
Catalog No. 309010
Model No. Sure-Guard 303
Interface RS232 Serial Data
Pins Protected 2, 3, 7
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Model 303, Cat. No. 309010, RS-232
Sure-Guard Surge Suppressor

Model 303 protects your computer's data interface from destructive transient voltages caused by lightning, brownouts and rolling brownouts!

Sure-Guard Surge Suppressors are designed to limit transient voltages that damage hardware and disrupt data transmission between computers at the DB25 Serial interface.

Data Communications line protection can no longer be overlooked. Its role in a well-managed effective system is essential to the overall welfare of the data-processing environment. The cost of protection from lightning, industrial disturbances, motor switching, and magnetic/electrostatic induction from power lines is surprisingly inexpensive and maintenance free.

System reliability depends upon a well-protected electrical environment. UPS and power line surge suppressors do not provide complete protection for data lines. Add Sure-Guard surge protectors to protect your data lines.


  • Protects transmit data, receive data and signal ground inputs (pins 2, 3, & 7).
  • Protects RS-232 Ports against destructive power surges.
  • Clamps damaging voltages to safe EIA limits.
  • Shunt current surges to frame ground.
  • Passes signals having proper EIA RS-232 levels.
  • Data Rate 0-20,000 PBS.

For other Sure Guard Surge Suppressors, see Sure-Guard Surge Suppressor Model 308 (Cat No 309020) and Sure-Guard Surge Suppressor Model 316 (Cat No 309025) under Related Products tab.


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