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316 Sure-Guard Surge Suppressor

Base Price $49.00 /Ea
Catalog No. 309025
Model No. Sure-Guard 316
Interface PC/Parallel
Pins Protected 1 thru 14, 16, 20
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Model 316, Cat. No. 309025, PC/Parallel 
Sure-Guard Surge Suppressor

Model 316 protects your computer's data interface from destructive transient voltages caused by lightning, brownouts and rolling brownouts!

Sure-Guard Model 316 Surge Suppressors are designed to limit transient voltages that damage hardware and disrupt data transmission between computers at the DB-25 PC/Parallel printer interface.

Data Communications line protection can no longer be overlooked. Its role in a well-managed effective system is essential to the overall welfare of the data-processing environment. The cost of protection from lightning, industrial disturbances, motor switching, and magnetic/electrostatic induction from power lines is surprisingly inexpensive and maintenance free.

System reliability depends upon a well-protected electrical environment. UPS and power line surge suppressors do not provide complete protection for data lines. Add Sure-Guard Surge Protectors to protect your data lines.


  • Protects all 16 data, handshake control, and ground signals (pins 1 thru 14, 16 and 20)
  • Protects parallel printer interface against power or switching surges.
  • Clamps damaging voltages to safe limits.
  • Shunts current surges to ground shield.
  • Attaches easily to common port or peripheral sharing switch.
  • Attaches easily to PC/Parallel Port.

For other Sure Guard Surge Suppressors, see Sure-Guard Surge Suppressor Model 308 
(Cat. No.309020) and Sure-Guard Surge Suppressor Model 303 (Cat No 309010) under Related Products tab.

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