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Wireless Web-Based Monitoring and Control
Electro Standards offers turnkey R&D Contract Engineering Services in the area of Wireless Web-Based Monitoring and Control. The Web-Enabled Data Acquisition System (WEDAQ) provides in-vehicle data ...
Model 4215 Series Smart Strain Gauge Indicators Serve Many Industrial Applications
Model 4215 series calibration-quality Smart Strain Gauge Indicators
New Model 4215A-204-1 Dual Channel Smart Load Cell Indicator from Electro Standards Laboratories
Model 4215A-204-1 load cell indicator captures the load peak and valley, and displays in pounds, kilograms, Newtons, PSI, MegaPascals, kilo-pounds, kilo-Newtons, metric tons, or mV/V.
Model 4215 Smart Strain Gauge Indicator Offers Accuracy, Reliability and Repeatability
Model 4215 Smart Load Cell Indicator for load cell amplification and to measure and control strain gage transducer based systems. Model 4215 combines force channels, encoder position channels, print ...
Model 4215 Smart Strain Gauge Indicator is Ideal for Measuring Jet Engine Thrust
Model 4215 strain gage indicator combines force channels, encoder position channels, print capabilities, and RS-232/485 serial communications into a versatile platform.
Model 4337 CellMite Ideal for Strain Gage Extensometers Used to Test Steel and Other Industrial Materials
CellMite Model 4337 is a Digital Signal Conditioner that is ideal for use with Strain Gage Extensometers used to test steel or other industrial testing applications
Custom Designed High-Performance Embedded Data Acquisition Boards for Strain Gage and Sensors
Electro Standards Laboratories will custom-engineer and build prototype or production quantities of data acquisition boards for strain gage and sensor systems.
New Ruggedized Data Acquisition & Strain Gage Board Developed for Embedded Applications Requiring High Speed and Accuracy!
Model 4328 ProD is a high performance data acquisition and strain gage interface board suitable for embedded applications that require high speed/high accuracy analog and digital data acquisition yet ...
Calibration Quality Load Cell Indicators Now Available with Single or Dual Channels!
The Model 4215 is an intelligent microprocessor based instrument designed for measurement and control of strain gauge transducer based systems.
CellMite Model 4326 Digital Signal Conditioning and So Much More!
This CellMite board, Model 4326, can be directly integrated into a standard strain gage transducer such as a load cell or extensometer.
Electro Standards Intros Smart Load Cell Indicator with Auto Load Cell ID
The Model 4215 is designed for load cell amplification and to measure and control strain gage transducer based systems.
CellMite Goes Wireless - Intelligent Digital Signal Conditioning - No Strings Attached!
CellMite Model 4329 wireless feature allows communication up to 1500 feet with a +/-10V analog output.