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4077 2-Channel Network Switch Control Unit

Base Price $165.00 /Ea
Catalog No. 514077
Model No. 4077
# of Positions 2
Channels 2
Configuration Desktop
Connectors RJ45
Feature Provides Contact Closure to Control M7266
Local Control Toggle Switch
Remote Control Cable from M4077 to M7266 Control Port
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Model 4077 Dual Channel Remote Control Unit with LED Display

  • Provides Contact Closure Signals to Two Remotely Located Switches

Model 4077 Dual Channel Remote Control Unit with LED Display for Network Switches


  • Two separate RJ45 connector ports, labeled CHANNEL 1 and CHANNEL 2, allow the user to run separate cables to the remotely located switches being controlled.
  • High intensity red LED indicators display switch position of each channel. 
  • A special cable from the Model 4077 (RJ45) to the Model's 7266, 7276, 7392 (DB15) passes the required signals to control the switch position. 
  •  Custom length control cables available. See Cat. No. 987267-XXX.
  • Low profile toggle A/B Switch located on front panel.
  • Small, metal enclosure, 1.24" H x 2.77" W x 5.92" D. (3.2 x 7.1 x 15.1 cm) 
  • WEIGHT: 0.5 BLS (0.3 kg) 

CONTACT CLOSURE REMOTE UNIT APPLICATION: The application drawing shows the Model 4077 connected to two switches using two special RJ45 to DB15 cables (Cat No 987267-XXX). The Model 4077 can be used with Models 7266, 7276 and 7392 to control switch position.

If using RS530, simply connect the DB15 cable end into Model 7266, 7276, or 7392. If using RS232, then insert the DB15 F/M adaptor (Cat. No. 989145)  between the DB15 end of the cable and the unit. (Model 7266, 7276, or 7392).

Model 4077 Remote Control application provides contact closure signaling to control the switch position for Models 7266, 7276, and 7392.

Model 4077 Dual Channel Remote Control Unit remotely controls up to two Model 7266, Model 7276, or Model 7392 RS232/RS530 Single Channel A/B Switch units.  There is a DB15 Control port on the rear of the Model 7266, Model 7276, and Model 7392.  A special cable from the Model 4077 (RJ45) to the Model 7266Model 7276, or Model 7392 DB15 passes the required signals to control the switch position.  Status contact leads also present on the switch units are also available via the Remote Connection, allowing the front panel LED's to accurately display the position of the switch units.

A cable from the M4077 "CH 1" port to the M7266, Model 7276, or Model 7392 Control port will control the switch, and a second cable from the M4077 "CH 2" port will control a second unit. Both channels of the Model 4077 are controlled simultaneously.   A cable of length XXX feet is catalog number 987267-XXX feet.  The Model 4077 provides the contact closure required to remotely control the A/B Switches.  Each channel of the Model 4077 has a dedicated pair of LED's to display the status of each of the units connected.

DB15 / RJ45 cables are available in any length to connect between the units.  Call Electro Standards, 401-943-1164 to order cables made to length required.

 Cat No 987267-XXX  Cat No 989145
 RJ45 to DB15 Pin Out Table  DB15 F/M Adaptor Pin Out Table
 RJ45 to DB15 Pin Out Table for Contact Closure Signaling Cable.  DB15 F/M adaptor for use with the Contact Closure Signaling Cable when using RS232.
 Panel Mount Adaptor Plate Option for use with Model 4077 Remote Control Unit
Optional mounting plate is available that allows the unit to be mounted to a panel.  The mounting plate is
Cat. No. 514332 pictured above.  Overall dimensions are 2.2" x 4.75" (.06 aluminum). See Accessories tab

 Electro Standards can supply all of your Network Cable requirements. Click here to reach our CABLES, COPPER NETWORK Webpage. 

 For custom network switches call our friendly customer support staff at 401-943-1164, email, or complete our online form: /Products-Custom/Copper-Switch/

All data switches, data communication products, and data acquisition products are subject to a one year warranty against manufacturing defects.  The limit of ESL liability is limited to the cost of the ESL product provided.

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All ESL products are available for export.

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514332 Mounting Plate $29.50
987267-XXX Contact Closure Signaling Cable $0.00
DB15 F/M Adaptor for use with Contact Closure Signaling Cable $0.00
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