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4165 High Speed Rugged ST Fiber-to-USB Converter

Base Price $545.00 /Ea
Catalog No. 304165
Model No. 4165
Configuration Compact Module
Connectors ST
Convert From Fiber
Convert To USB
Fiber Size 50/125, 62.5/125, 100/140
Speed Fiber: 300 bps to 3 Mbps, USB: 1.5 Mbps to 12 Mbps
Wavelength Nano 820 nm/850 nm, multimode
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Interface Converters, Glass Fiber to Copper Interface
Model 4165 High Speed Ruggedized ST Fiber-to-USB Interface Converter, Desktop enclosure

  • Popular Application: Isolated PC USB Communications to Fiber Serial Interface Network.

Model 4165 High Speed Ruggedized ST Fiber to USB Interface Converter

 Model 4165, (Desktop enclosure) ST Fiber-to-USB Interface Converter with integrated rate buffering convert USB 2.0 compliant data rate from a standard PC to a serial asynchronous data interface over fiber with a user-selectable baud rate of up to 3 Mbps. This converter is ideal for high speed, secure communications, and optical isolation. 

Typical applications:

  1. Constructing an optically isolated point-to-point communications link between the USB ports of two PC's.
  2. Constructing an optically isolated high-speed communication link between a PC and a serial data network that is subject to high EMI environment that might corrupt communications over copper interface.

The Model 4165 Unit features ESD protection circuitry on the USB I/O connector. The power input is protected from transients and features 3kVDC isolation to prevent system ground loops. The Model 4165 converter can be powered from a wide input range of 10VDC-36VDC. Models are available for other voltage ranges such as 4.5VDC-9VDC and 19VDC-72VDC.

Three configurations are:

  • Model 4165 Desktop Unit, for applications requiring an enclosure. 
  • Model 4165-DIN, for application requiring mounting on a DIN rail.
  • Model 4166 (board only) for embedded applications. The board has front mounting threaded brackets that facilitate rack mounting.
    • Only the Model 4166 board unit has dual DB9 power connectors for convenience is in bused power applications. 
  • Models 4165/4165-DIN/4166 units are factory configurable for USB port powered operation. Other features include user-selectable fiber, polarity, user-selectable asynchronous data format, and Tx, Rx, and Power LED's.
  • Ruggedized for military applications.

Block diagram for Model 4165/4165-DIN/4166 Glass ST Fiber to Copper USB Interface Converter: 

Block diagram for Models 4166/4165/4165-DIN High Speed Ruggedized ST Fiber to USB Interface converter


  •  Fiber Interface:
    • Connectors: Fiber Optic ST
    • TX Power: -12.5 dBm
    • RX Sensitivity: -27.5 dBm
    • Optical Budget: 15 dB
    • Max. Link Distance with 62.5/125µm fiber:
      • 5.35 km up to 3 Mbps, 25°C
      • 3.75 km up to 3 Mbps, -40°C to +85°C
    • Wavelength: 820 nm/850 nm, multimode
    • Fiber Size: 50/125 µm, 62.5/125 µm, 100/140 µm.
  • Fiber Polarity:
    • Logical 1 = Light ON/OFF: User Selectable
  • Fiber Data Format:
    • Type: Asynchronous, user selectable format
    • Rate: User selectable baud rates from 300 bps to 3 Mbps  
    • Fiber-to-USB rate conversion: Internally buffered. 
  • USB Interface: 
    • Connectors: USB, Type B, High Retention 
  • USB Data Format:
    • Type: USB 2.0 Compliant USB Client
    • Rate: Supports low speed (1.5 Mbps) and Full speed (12 Mbps) USB Data transfer rates. 
  •  Indicators:
    • LEDs: TXD, RXD, PWR
  • Power:
    • Input Power:
      • 10VDC-36VDC std
      •  4.5VDC-9VDC
      • 19VDC-72VDC
      • Others at 1.5W
    • Isolation: 3kVDC 
    • Connectors:
      • Dual DB9F for Power Daisy Chaining (board only)
      • DC Power Jack (desktop unit)
      • USB port powered (factory configurable)
  • Operating Environment:
    • -40°C to +85°C
  • Model 4166 Mechanical (Board Only): 
    • Model / Cat No: 4166 / 304166
      • Size: 4.8" x 3.9" x 0.63"
      • Weight: Approx. 3.2 oz (91g)
      • Mounting: Mounting Holes, Rt Angle Brackets
  • Model 4165 Mechanical (Desktop Unit):
    • Model / Cat No: 4165 / 304165
    • Size: 5" x 4.25" x 1.4"
    • Weight: Approx. 9.8 oz (278g)
  • Model 4165-DIN Mechanical (DIN Rail Mounted Unit):
    • Model / Cat No: 4165-DIN / 304165-DIN
    • Size: 5" x 4.25" x 1.4"
    • Weight: Approx. 9.8 oz (278g)
    • Mounting: 2 Threaded Holes Std, DIN rail
    • DIN Rail Size: 2.84" x 1.24" x 0.16"
    • DIN Rail Weight: 0.9 oz (25.5g)

Model 4165/4165-DIN/4166 
Point-to-Point Isolated PC USB Communications Application:
Copper Interface to Glass ST Fiber to Copper Interface Conversion

A PC is connected to the DB9 Copper interface of the Model 4165. The Glass ST Fiber port of the Model 4165 is connected to a second Model 4165 Glass ST Fiber port. The second Model 4165 DB9 port is connected to another computer via the DB9 port connector.

Model 4165/4165-DIN/4166 Glass Fiber-to-USB  Copper Interface Converter via ST Fiber Link and DB9 Port

Model 4165/4165-DIN/4166 
Isolated PC USB Communications to Fiber Serial interface / Network Application:
Copper Interface to Glass ST Fiber Conversion

 A PC is connected to the DB9 Copper interface of the Model 4165. The Glass ST Fiber port of the Model 4165 is connected to a Fiber Serial Interface / Network up to 5 Mbps.

Model 4165/4165-DIN/4166 Isolated PC USB communications to fiber serial interface/network

Model 4165/4165-DIN/4166 to Model 4149/4149-DIN/4159/4159CC 
Isolated PC USB to RS232/RS485 Communications Serial Interface / Network Application:
Copper Interface to Glass ST Fiber to Copper Interface Conversion
 A PC is connected to the USB Copper interface of the Model 4165. The Glass ST Fiber port of the Model 4165 is connected to the Model 4149 Glass ST Fiber port. The Model 4149 DB9 port is connected to a Serial Interface / Network up to 3 Mbps.

Model 4165/4165-DIN/4166 to Model 4149/4149-DIN/4159/4159CC Isolated PC USB to RS232/RS485 communications serial interface/network.

 Municipalities, schools, government, the Model 4165 & 4166 are available to city, state, and federal government purchasers at a discounted price and favorable payment and shipping terms via GSA Schedule GS-35F-0286V. Click here or on GSA icon for details.

 All data switches, fiber optic converters, data communication products, and data acquisition products are subject to a one year warranty against manufacturing defects.  The limit of ESL liability is limited to the cost of the ESL product provided.
*Prices of Fiber Optic Interface Converters are subject to change and verification.
All ESL Fiber to USB Converters are available for export.

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