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R&D Contract Engineering

Electro Standards Laboratories (ESL) Contract Engineering Services Group has the ability to devise a solution and carry it from theory through product design, manufacturing, testing, installation and operation. ESL's cutting-edge engineering solutions are based on over 40 years of technological experience and thousands of real-world applications. Because ESL has its own manufacturing capabilities, the ESL Engineering Services Group can design, build, and deliver custom products for each project in prototype or production quantities. This guarantees functionality and performance along with unsurpassed quality control.

Electro Standards Laboratories' Research and Development Team is comprised of knowledgeable scientist and engineers with many years of experience in the power electronics field. Utilizing this experience and knowledge, they have developed several COTS products that are used in various power applications, supporting Power and Energy Industries all over the world. They also have the capability to custom design our products to work with any application.

ESL's engineers have vast experience in designing  Power and Energy Storage Solutions working with ULTIMO Lithium Ion Capacitors and incorporating them into LiC Modules and Power Systems.

Two of ESL's the most notable product lines supporting power applications are SCUPS® Super Capacitor Uninterruptable Power Supplies and Energy ActionSystem Development Shelves

ESL's engineering design team is also involved in precision instrumentation products involving strain gage or LVDT  (Linear Variable Differential Transformersensors).  Electro Standards Laboratories' CellMite® line of Intelligent Digital Signal Conditioners connect directly to standard strain gages, such as load cells, extensometers, and pressure sensors.

CellMites® simultaneously generate serial outputs for connection to PC's as well as /-10V analog outputs.  These extremely accurate conditioners are available in board versions or encased units.


•R&D Contract Engineering Services
•Control Systems R&D
•Advanced Electric Motor Control Algorithms
•Sensorless Control of Linear and Rotary Motors
•Power Electronics Systems
•Data Communications and Switching Systems
•Fiber Optic Communications
•Digital Signal Processor Based Boards for Custom Solutions
•Computer Simulation for Dynamic Control and Estimation Systems
•Battery/Ultra-Capacitor Hybrid Energy Storage Systems
•Embedded and Precision Instrumentation for Sensors and Control
•Embedded and Graphical User Interface Software
•Manufacturing or Prototypes and Full Production Products
•Design and Installation of Computer Networks.

Electro Standards Laboratories is a Prime Contractor on Seaport-e, Contract No. N00178-14-D-7265.

ESL invites partnering opportunities with universities, and/or other R&D companies (STTR, SBIR).