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R&D Engineering & Life Sciences

Electro Standards Laboratories, incorporated in 1976, is a Small Business Entity with Vast Electrical Engineering Experience in Power & Controlled Systems for Battery Charging, Storage and Management. Projects include Battery Management Systems, Battery Charging and Health Monitoring Bio-tech Solutions, Portable Power Solutions for Soldiers and Super Capacitor Systems designed for Remote Energy Storage.

Electro Standards Laboratories’ Research & Development Team has expertise in Controlled Systems for Power, Energy Storage, Battery and Power Management, and Integration of Monolithic and Hybrid Systems made from combinations of Lithium Ion Super Capacitors, Batteries, Turbines, and Solar Cells.

We are a Seaport NXG Prime Contractor #N00178-19-D-7569 and ITAR Registered. We also have the capability to quickly design and manufacture prototypes for small- or large-scale projects.

Our team of scientists and engineers have also developed controls, models, hardware and software for electromagnetic aircraft launch systems and simulation, design, development of laboratory linear induction motor for experimental verification.

Company Capabilities

Electro Standards Laboratories Core Capabilities:

R&D Company Contacts

Energy Storage & Power Systems, Hybrid Power Management Units (HPMU), SuperCapacitor UPS (SCups®), Energy ActionSystems, Lithium Ion SuperCapacitors

Electro Standards Laboratories' R&D Contract Engineering Services group has expertise in energy storage, management, and integration of monolithic and hybrid systems made from combinations of Lithium Ion Super Capacitors, batteries, turbines, and solar cells.

Products that have emerged from this research include the newest power solution the  Hybrid Power Management Unit, commonly referred to as an HPMU.  Another power solution that ESL has developed is the SCups® line of super capacitor uninterruptible power supplies and our lithium-ion capacitor Energy Action System Development Shelf — an industry first. 

To view Hybrid Power Management, HPMU, click here: HPMU Model 1041.

To view SCups® product line, click here: SCUPS Power Supplies

To view Lithium Ion Capacitors & Other Energy Systems, click here: SuperCaps & Energy Systems

Power & Control Systems Modeling, EMALS, Maglev Transportation

Our team of scientists and engineers have developed controls, models, hardware and software for electromagnetic aircraft launch systems (EMALS) deployed in the aircraft carriers for aircraft launch and landings.

Simulation, design, development of laboratory linear induction motor for experimental verification. Technology suitable for Maglev transportation systems.

Engineering and Manufacturing Capabilities

Electro Standards Laboratories (ESL) Contract Engineering Services Group will provide a solution from theory through product design, manufacturing, testing, installation and operation.  Because ESL has its own manufacturing capabilities, the ESL Engineering Services Group can design, build, and deliver custom products for each project in prototype or production quantities. This guarantees functionality and performance along with unsurpassed quality control.

Prime Government Contractor for US Navy Seaport NextGen Platform

Electro Standards Laboratories is proud to be a prime contractor of Seaport Next Generation Contract Number N00178-19-D-7569 supporting the U.S. Navy.

GSA Contract Number GS-35F-0286V for Federal, State and Local US Government Agencies

We also offer many of our products at a discounted rate on GSA Schedule IT 70 Contract Number: GS-35F-0286V for Government purchasers. Click here for GSA details

STTR/SBIR Opportunities

ESL invites partnering opportunities with universities, and/or other R&D companies (STTR, SBIR).

Wave Energy Harvesting Applications

ESL has collaborated with local universities to develop Ocean Wave Energy Harvesting Systems designed for sensor buoys to convert wave motion into electricity and allow operation under all weather conditions. The goal of the program is to develop wave energy converters that can operate in all environmental conditions and augment or replace any of the currently used battery/solar power systems with efficient, low-cost, ambient ocean wave energy systems.

The company is also seeking organizations with applications for this technology, or with an interest in furthering this scientific study, or who are interested in commercializing this technology.

Targeted applications for this technology include:

  • Recharging stations for unmanned underwater vehicles
  • Replacement or augmentation for solar power
  • Elimination of batteries
  • Sonar listening stations
  • Weather monitoring buoys
  • Wave monitoring buoys
  • Tsunami warning stations
  • Port monitoring buoys. 

Biotechnology for Treatment of Neurological Disorders such as PTSD

Applying our knowledge of data acquisition and sensors technology towards Biotechnology, Electro Standards’ Research team has worked alongside doctors and professors in developing a closed-loop, noninvasive system to treat neurological disorders such as PTSD.

Made in the USA, Exported all over the World

All our products are designed and assembled in the U.S.A and can be exported all over in the world. With over 40 years of expertise in providing state-of-the-art solutions for application-specific products, it’s easy to see why Electro Standards Laboratories is the right choice.

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