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Below are our product groupings listed in alphabetical order.  Click on the highlighted grouping to display the product line up for that grouping. . .1 x .1 Network Switches   5 50-Pin ...
Unique Spring Hook Cable Design Allows Telco Field Technicians to Test Hard to Reach Circuit Points
940322-006 Bantam Plug to Two Mini-Grab Hooks test cable enables user to "spring hook" onto hard to reach circuit points.
Telco Test Kit Now Available with Optional Bantam Plug to Two Mini-Grab Test Hooks Cable
Bantam Plug/Mini-Grab Test Hooks Cable is an added option for Telephone/Telecom Test Kits
Custom Adapter Kits for 25-Pin D Connectors Save Time and Money
The Custom Adapter Kits for 25-Pin D-Connectors are packaged in three configurations: Male/Male (Cat. No. 308060), Male/Female (Cat. No. 308070), and Female/Female (Cat. No. 308080). Each kit ...
Bantam Plug to Two Mini-Grab Test Hooks Cable is a Great Addition to Telco Test Kit
The cable consists of a miniature 3-conductor nickel phone plug connected to two mini-grab test hooks having one red and one black body.
Telephone Test Kit Designed With Input from Telco Network Installers and Linesmen
The Telephone / Telecom Test Kit contains thirteen high quality cables designed to facilitate test and access of high speed data interfaces.
International IT Mgrs: ESL's HP Fiber to RS232 Converters Now Include 2-Pin Euro Power Supplies
Fiber 232® Models 4137EU & 4139EU with 2-pin European power supplies are HP VersaLink Fiber to RS232 Converters used to connect fiber optic linked terminals to a controller having an RS-232 interface ...
Electro Standards Laboratories Offers Telephone/Telecom Test Kit on GSA Schedule GS-35F-0286V
Electro Standards Laboratories, Cranston, RI, announces the Telephone/Telecom Test Kit containing 13 high quality cables is now available on GSA Schedule GS-35F-0286V.
ESL Offers a Comprehensive Secure Switching System For Video Conference Rooms
This rackmounted system facilitates passing the connection of various voice & data lines, both copper and fiber media, from a designated set of equipment to an existing building network, or ...
Built to Last with Compact, Rugged Aluminum Case, Model 800 HSSI (SCSI-2) Breakout Box has 50 Pins to Access Interface Signals!
Model 800 (HSSI) High Speed Serial Interface (SCSI-2) Breakout Box that allows users to access adn monitor any of the signals that pass through the unit uninterrupted via test point pins. Fifty pins ...
Low Impedance, Compact, A/B/C/D Switch with Exclusive Remote Control
M7385 DB-9 Interface A/B/C/D switch with Low Impedance and Exclusive Remote Control is a compact, desktop network switch that allows the sharing of a single DB9 interface device among 4 other devices ...
M4520 DB15 A/B Switch w/Remote Control (Contact Closure)
A simple dry contact closure across the specified pins of the Remote port provides the change position command to the switch.