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ESL Pathway® Model 4511 USB Type-A 5 to 1 Switch with Remote Control and No Enclosure, Ready for Installation

Authored by Carina Paiva
August 8, 2022

The highly skilled design engineers of Electro Standards Laboratories announce the release of the Pathway Model 4511 USB 2.0 Type-A A/B/C/D/E Switch with RS232 Remote Control. This switch is comprised of boards, cables, connectors, and a strain relief bracket, ready for installation on a panel or other similar situation. It is not enclosed in any additional desktop configuration, leading to a uniquely easy installment and quick connection. The remote control access of the switch can be utilized through ASCII RS232 commands. It may also be controlled manually through its front panel pushbuttons. The current switch position and power status can be viewed on the front panel LED display or monitored via the REMOTE port.

This Model 4511 has the uniquely distinct feature of permitting connection to any one of five USB Type-A devices from one COMMON device. No disconnection of cables is necessary and the switcher is ideal for connecting a computer to multiple USB devices at one time. It is compatible with all Hi-Speed USB 2.0 devices, making it perfect for the sharing of a printer, scanner, or external storage drive with a computer. All 4 pins of the USB interface are switched via break-before-make electromechanical relays and the switch is able to maintain its position through times of power loss, continuing to pass data. When turned off, the switch powers back up in its last known position.

The Remote RS232 ASCII commands of the Model 4511 allow the user to control the switch position, lockout front panel operations, and obtain switch status. It also permits users to query firmware version number, query serial number, and enable or disable auto sending of switch positions. The DB9 connector on the rear panel of the switch accepts ASCII RS232 Serial Data for these Remote Control operation abilities.

The Model 4511 possesses a UL certified 100VAC-240VAC, 50Hz-60Hz wall mount power module included with the unit supplies 12 VDC, 500 mA to the unit. It has a 2-prong, US, non-polarized plug so there is a wide range power option available in place of the standard power module. This feature makes the switch ideal for any international applications.

For more information on the Model 4511, visit https://www.electrostandards.com/catalog-304511-model-4511-usb-type-a-5-to-1-switch-remote-no-enclosure.html. Electro Standards’ staff of sales engineers can be reached at 401-943-1164 or via email at eslab@electrostandards.com.

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