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Electro Standards Pathway Model 4126 DB9 Automatic Fallback A/B Switch with Remote and Manual Control

Authored by Carina Paiva
August 15, 2022

The skilled engineers of Electro Standards Laboratories have recently released their new Pathway line product of the Model 4126 DB9 Automatic Fallback A/B Switch with RS232 Remote and Manual operational modes. This Switch allows the user the capability of sharing a single port interface device connected to the “COMMON” port among two other devices connected to the “A” and “B” ports, both with remote access functionality. The unit monitors data activity on both ports “A” and “B.” If activity on the connected port is lost, and if the other port has established valid activity, the unit automatically switches to the port with the activity. If neither port has activity, it will stay connected to the present port and continue to monitor for active data on both ports to switch to.

While the switch has the ability to be controlled locally by manually operating the front panel pushbutton, it is also controlled remotely from the DB9 female Serial Interface remote port located on the rear of the unit. Remote RS232 ASCII commands allow the user to control switch position, lockout front panel operations, change modes, and obtain switch status. They also permit the querying of firmware version number or serial number and allow users to enable/disable auto-send of switch positions. In Manual Mode, the unit does not switch between “A” and “B” unless commanded to do so via the front panel pushbutton or Remote commands. In Auto Fallback Mode, the switcher automatically chooses its switch position based on signal presence. Signal presence is based on RS232 TD activity on pin 3 of ports “A” and “B” and its signal loss modes either “Alternate” or “Maintain” position based on signal loss (as long as the switch is in automatic fallback mode). Front panel LED’s display the present position, power status, and operating mode.

The Model 4126 possesses a UL certified 100VAC-240VAC, 50Hz-60Hz wall mount power module included with the unit supplies 12 VDC, 625 mA to the unit. It has a 2-prong, US, non-polarized plug so there is a wide range power option available in place of the standard power module. This feature makes the switch ideal for any international applications.

The Model 4126 switch electronics are packaged in a slim desktop style enclosure with dimensions of 8.12” Wx2.37” H x7.31” D (20.7 x 6.1 x 18.6 cm) and a weight of approximately 1.7 lbs (0.8 kg). The switch is easy to install and provides reliable failover support for any critical network communication lines.

For more information on the Model 4126, visit https://www.electrostandards.com/catalog-535049-model-4126-db9-automatic-fallback-ab-switch-rs232-remote.html. Electro Standards’ staff of sales engineers can be reached at 401-943-1164 or via email at eslab@electrostandards.com.

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