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Electro Standards Model 8019 BNC Coaxial A/B Switch with Manual Desktop Enclosure and 75 Ohm Impedence for Network Sharing

Authored by Carina Paiva
July 28, 2022

The expert engineers of Electro Standards Laboratories have recently designed the LineSelect® Model 8019 BNC Coaxial A/B Switch with Manual Desktop and 75 Ohm Impedance. This Switch permits the sharing of any BNC peripherals that have a 75 Ohm BNC Coaxial Interface.

This Model 8019 allows the user to reroute data between either of two 75 Ohm BNC interface devices to one COMMON device with just the flip of a rotary selector switch. The Switcher is ideal for switching 10 Base-T BNC Network devices and it allows for the sharing of one terminal with two controllers. Both the shield and center conductor of the coaxial interface are switched via break-before-make rotary switch.

The front panel control of the Model 8019 allows for local switching and the switch has a manual operation so there is no power required for its activation. It is a high quality, sealed switch with self wiping precious metal contacts and an attractive anodized black box packaging provides EMI/RFI shielding. ES Labs also has custom length 75 Ohm BNC Coaxial cables available for switch installation of the Model 8019.

The Model 8019 switch electronics are neatly enclosed in a wall box with dimensions of 5.46” W x 2.28” H x 8.2” D (13.9 x 5.8 x 20.9 cm) and weighs approximately 1.2 lbs (0.6 kg). Its configuration makes it easy to install in new or newly constructed walls. The LineSelect® Model 8019 is neatly packaged in a slim desktop enclosure.

For more information on the Model 8019, visit https://www.electrostandards.com/catalog-308019-model-8019-coaxial-bnc-ab-switch.html. Electro Standards’ staff of sales engineers can be reached at 401-943-1164 or via email at eslab@electrostandards.com.

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