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Electro Standards LineSelect Model 9744 for Easy Switching to Backup Devices with No Power Required and Lifetime Warranty

September 27, 2022

The expert engineers of Electro Standards Laboratories in Cranston, RI announce the release of the new LineSelect Model 9744 High Density 32-Channel RJ11/12 A/B Switch and Single Channel DB9 A/B Switch with manual simultaneous switching of two independent channels.  This secure A/B Switcher permits the simultaneous switching between two RJ11/12 interface devices connected to the A and B ports for each of its thirty-two channels. Additionally, the DB9 single channel port allows the user to also switch connection between A and B positions for two DB9 devices connected to the DB9 A and B ports on the same unit. This operation eliminates the need to plug and unplug cables. 

The Model 9744 uses two front panel rotary knobs for its simultaneous switching. The left-hand rotary knob switches the entire RJ11/12 32-channel group from A or B positions and the other rotary knob switches simultaneously. The right-hand rotary knob switches the A and B positions of the single DB9 channel. Two center pins of the RJ11/12 interface and all 9 pins of the DB9 interface are switched via a break-before-make rotary switch. The switch ports are transparent to all data and they are manually operated so that no power is required and the switch has the highest level of security.  

The Model 9744 Switcher is delivered in an attractive all metal black box enclosure which provides EMI/RFI shielding. The switchbox is configured as a 5U rackmount unit, full rack size with dimensions of 19.0” Wx8.75” H x13.0” D and a weight of approximately 16.0 lbs. The switcher is designed to permit quick and easy switching to backup devices. To ensure a fully reliable application, all purchases of the switch include a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.  

For more information on the Model 9744, visit https://www.electrostandards.com/catalog-309744-model-9744-high-density-32-channel-rj1112-ab-switch-and-single-channel-db9-ab-switch.html. Electro Standards’ staff of sales engineers can be reached at 401-943-1164 or via email at eslab@electrostandards.com


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