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Thrust System Indicator – Ideal for Measuring Jet Engine Thrust

May 8, 2009




Electro Standards now offers the Model 4215 Calibration-quality Dual-Channel Smart Thrust System Indicator. This unit offers two independent lines of 20-character display for simultaneous viewing of both channels.


The Model 4215 is designed for the accurate measurement and control of strain gage transducer based systems. Model 4215 combines force channels, encoder position channels, print capabilities, and RS-232/485 serial communications into a versatile platform.


The Model 4215 can be used in systems that test jet engine thrust. It is also compatible with most tensile testers, load cells, extensometers, torque transducers, pressure sensors and position encoders. Features include a bipolar range +/- 999,999 display with 24-bit resolution, TEDS-TagÒ Auto Load Cell ID, and setup for 25 load cells. Front panel shunt calibration with two selectable resistors is standard.  The Model 4215 is dataView software ready for graphical user interface and connection to a PC.


Model 4215 was also featured on ThomasNet