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Three Decades of Electro Standards Laboratories, From Data Cables to State-Of-The-Art Technology

May 14, 2008

Electro Standards has been in business for more than 30 years, a testament to its state-of-the-art high-quality copper and fiber optic network switches and cable assemblies in its communication products line and its smart load cell  and LVDT Indicators and CellMiteĀ® Intelligent Digital Signal Conditioners in its measurement and control line.


Electro Standards' Network Services Group designs and installs sophisticated data, telephone and fiber optic systems in the northeastern United States, as well as national and international satellite locations via its certified installer network. The Electro Standards' Network Services Group is skilled in multi-site rollouts of POS wiring and terminal installation, security wiring, software upgrades, and router installation.


Electro Standards' Research & Development Contract Engineering Services Group addresses digital signal processor based electronics, mechanics, software programming, electric motor systems, hybrid electric vehicle technology, linear motors, motor test technology, and power electronics. This group is designing a Sensorless Linear Motor System to launch aircraft from next-generation carriers. Electro Standards' R&D group is also designing the technology to harvest energy from ocean waves utilizing a small buoy.


Electro Standards stands out as a family-owned business that has grown in capability, employee size, and facility size.


This success was recognized in an article that appeared in PROCESSOR, Products, News & Information Data Centers Can Trust, March 9, 2007, Vol. 29 Issue 10.




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