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RS232 Serial Data Port Sharer with Convenient Automatic Channel Sequencing Allows 4 Data Channels to Access One Port!

June 5, 2009



Electro Standards Laboratories (ESL), Cranston, RI, announces the new PathWay┬« M4441 4-Channel DB9 RS232 Serial Data Port Sharer with automatic Channel Sequencing.  This convenient 4-channel port sharing device allows a single destination port to automatically connect through to any of four source channels A, B, C, or D, based on data activity.

Each of the respective four DB9 RS232 serial interface source channels of the Model 4441 are sequentially scanned or monitored for data activity and contend for connection.  Once data is detected on a single channel, the remaining three channels are locked out until the data traffic stops and is absent for a preset timeout period.  The timeout period is selected via a dipswitch located on the top circuit board inside unit.  At that point, the Model 4441 resumes monitoring of all four channels for data activity.  If a connected device is streaming erroneous data, the user can use the front panel pushbutton switch to disable the channel and remove it from the scanning/monitoring function.  Disabling the channel will allow the unit to continue to function as a port sharer among the remaining channels and connected devices.

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