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Press Release A/B Fallback Switches to Support Any Network or Application

January 9, 2020

Hundreds of COTS Designs Available, Manufactured in the USA!

We Also Design and Manufacture Custom A/B switches!

Whether it’s a custom connector, special size requirements, wall mounted, or board-only form factors - Electro Standards can design it! 

Electro Standards Laboratories, Cranston, RI, USA, has been designing network products since 1976.  Our network switches can be found in computer rooms, media broadcasting outlets, testing laboratories, hospitals, financial institutions, electrical substations around the world.  Securely Mounted Switches have also been designed for mobile & motion applications, such as Shipboard use. Our products are secure, reliable and durable enough to be used in harsh environments, field proven by nuclear power plants, electrical substations and military/defense programs. Specialties include, Secure Offline, Password Protection, Noise & Vibration control.

Copper or fiber optic switches support the sharing of devices or networks connected to a common port/s among devices or networks connected to the (A, B, C, etc.) lettered or (1, 2, 3, etc.) numbered ports.   Click here for online product selection or Call 401-943-1164, Email: eslab@electrostandards.com.

IT Managers have a huge task trying to backup data, secure the network, deal with fiber to copper conversions and so much more. Electro Standards has developed the technology to solve today’s and tomorrow’s network requirements. 
Our physical layer switches support a variety of applications including Remote Control, Automatic Fallback, Network Backup, Process Control, Telco, Television & Radio Broadcasting, Video Surveillance Systems and More.  

Disaster Recovery:

Automatic fallback switches based on loss of data, Automatic sensing switches that automatically switch to the port with valid activity, Normal/redundant fallback switches that self-configure connectivity based on the devices connected to them.

High Density for Network Expansions:

Multi-Channel/Multi-Position Switches: 4-way switches, 8-way switches, and more

Power Applications:

Remote power reboot switches with 10-Base-T LAN/WAN access

Security against network attacks:

Secure Offline, Keylock Control, Code-operated switches, Password protected switches with high isolation for secure networks

Variety of Network Applications and Uses:

Custom and standard network switches for commercial, industrial and military applications. 

  • Switch to backup fiber optic link, quickly and easily!
  • Ideal for switching data to multiple video displays, scoreboards, LED signs.
  • Add flexibility to IT platforms and tactical communication networks.

Network Application Flexibility:

Switches with Remote, GUI, and Manual Control options, Switches that operate as a fallback switch or as an A/B switch, Switches that can be desktop, wallmounted, rackmounted, cabling-only, or board-only – the choice is yours!

Data & Fiber Network Speed:

Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Fiber with Speeds to Gigabyte