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New M4145 Network DCD "Watch Dog" Switch Keeps Data Flowing

February 19, 2008



Electro Standards Laboratories, Cranston, RI, announces its new "Watch Dog" Model 4145 Automatic Fallback A/B Switch. The "Watch Dog" detects carrier presence signal on port A and if carrier is lost automatically switches to port B. "Watch Dog" maintains its connection to port B until it detects carrier presence again on port A. At that point "Watch Dog" automatically returns to the A position. The "Watch Dog' is ideal for Automatic Fallback applications based on loss of carrier (DCD).

The user can override the Automatic Fallback and operate the "Watch Dog" as an A/B switch. Optional Remote RS232 serial port allows an off-site operator to monitor operation mode and switch position, change the mode or switch position, and lockout the front panel pushbutton. Data, handshake, and clock lines of the RS232 interface are supported.  For details, click here: http://www.electrostandards.com/ProductDetail/?productid=209

For more information about the "Watch Dog" and other Electro Standards products, please call 401-943-1164, email eslab@ElectroStandards.com, or visit our website http://www.electrostandards.com.

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