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New Fiber Optic MTP/MPO Fan Out Cable Assemblies

November 16, 2007
Electro Standards Laboratories announces its singlemode and multimode multi-fiber MTPÒ/MPO Fan-Out cables. Designed to save front-panel space and streamline fiber management, the MTP Fan-Out utilizes a 12-fiber MTP connector on one end and discrete connectors (LC, SC, FC, ST) on the breakout end.
The advantages of MTPÒ/MPO cables include 12 times the density of SC connectors, compact size, and low insertion loss. Color-coded connectors and custom labeling are offered. ESL also supplies rackmount MTP quick-connect modules (cassettes) for termination and transition of the MTP cable to the discrete connectors. ESL manufactures all types of data cables, both copper and fiber.
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