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Model 9746/32 has 32 Separate Channels with Monitor Ports to Reduce Network Downtime

September 9, 2013


Model 9746/32 High Density 32-Channel A/B Switch System with Monitor Ports


The Model 9746/32 High Density A/B Switch System is a 32-Channel RJ45 Network Switch that allows the manual control of each channel separately via 32 knobs located on the front panel.  In addition, the Model 9746/32 has monitor ports for each of the 32 channels. This unit allows quick and easy network backup switching with a turn of a knob!  Having this capability at your fingertips should significantly reduce network downtime and keep the data flowing.


The Model 9746/32 has (96) RJ45 female ports located on the rear panel comprised of (32) A, (32) B, and (32) Common ports.  An additional (32) RJ45 female Monitor ports are located on the top panel.  The Monitor port wires are securely soldered to the rotary switches at the same points as the Common port wires. All 8 pins of the RJ45 interface are switched. The Model 9746 also consists of T586B internal wiring utilizing Cat5e rated material as well as Cat5 rated connectors.


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