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Model 7186 Secure & Convenient Cat5e Keylock Wall Switch Designed for Conference Room Data Connectivity

July 15, 2020

Electro Standards Laboratories introduces the secure and convenient LineSelect® Model 7186 Wall Switch designed for Conference Room Data Connectivity.  Secure the conference room or any other network/device connection instantly, by simply turning the keylock!  This RJ45 Switcher is manually operated; therefore, no power is required.  

The Model 7186 has three positions of switching, labeled A, OFFLINE and B.  Each position is controlled via a Keylock Actuator mounted to a faceplate for easy access from a wall inside or outside of a conference room.  The keylock can be turned to either A or B position to switch to and from another network connection or another device. To isolate all data from all networks or devices, the Keylock can be turned to the OFFLINE position.

The Model 7186 keylock switch also contains cabled RJ45 connectors with 8-inch legs attached for installation into any single gang wall box.  All 8-pins of RJ45 Connectors are switched via a break-before-make keylock switch and certified for Cat5e compliance.

The Model 7186 can be used in the support of RJ45 Cat5e Audio/Visual, Communication & Security Applications and Devices with convenient customer installation into a wallbox.  This unit is available on the company website for purchase as a COTS item, along with hundreds of other network switches.  If another configuration is desired, please contact our customer support at 401-943-1164.  We have inhouse engineering staff available to custom design to any specification. 

For more information about Model 7186, visit https://www.electrostandards.com/catalog-307186-model-7186-rj45-cat5e-conference-room-network-wall-keylock-switch.html

To view more of Electro Standards Laboratories Network Switches, visit https://www.electrostandards.com/network-switch-product-lines/

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