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Model 700 EIA RS-232 Breakout Box Manual Details Test Procedures and Test Results

September 21, 2010


Electro Standards Laboratories, Cranston, RI, announces the new comprehensive Model 700 EIA RS-232 Breakout Box / Interface Analyzer User’s Manual. The Model 700 tests synchronous or asynchronous modems, multiplexers, terminals and computers.  It can also be utilized to determine custom cable designs.

This new detailed manual includes information on how to perform frequently required tests and as well as the test results. The tests include monitoring the EIA-CCITT modem-terminal interface; looping back digital data at the modem (asynchronous); looping back digital data at the terminal (asynchronous); testing a modem; and monitoring the EIA-CCITT interface at the Tech Control Center.

The test procedures and test results are written in a step-by-step format and include application diagrams. The Model 700 is a comprehensive interface analyzer featuring a tri-state LED’s that clearly displays polarity, activity, and validity of all interface signals. Miniature rocker switches allow the user to program a ‘make’ or break’ for each signal of the DCE/DTE interfaces. This breakout box also features a set of two voltage points, ( ) positive and (-) negative, to apply test signals onto the other signal test points of the interface.


The Model 700 Breakout Box EIA RS232 Interface Analyzer has a National Stock Number (NSN) or NATO Stock Number of 6625-01-585-9259 and is available at a discount to government agencies purchasing via GSA Contract #GS35F0286V.

This breakout box with the comprehensive user’s manual belongs in every field technician’s pocket. For more information on the Model 700 EIA RS-232 Interface Analyzer and Breakout Box and the comprehensive user’s manual contact Electro Standards Laboratories, 36 Western Industrial Drive, Cranston, RI 02921. Sales engineers are available to assist at 401-943-1164, eslab@electrostandards.com.