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Model 6287 Fiber Optic Switch Provides High Speed, Low Insertion Losses, and Remote Control

December 29, 2010

For Immediate Release



Electro Standards Laboratories, Cranston, RI, announces the new Model 6287 all-optic Fiber A/B Switch, multimode SC duplex, 62.5 micron, with remote 10/100 BASE-T LAN access. This switch enables accessing two separate fiber optic networks or devices, ports A and B, via connection through a network or device connected to the Common port.


The Model 6287 employs Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) based multimode switches. This mirror/prism switch technology supports Gigabit data rates.  Insertion losses are less than 1.0 dB.  The switch is bit-rate and data transparent. All fiber ports are SC duplex, multimode, 62.5/125 micron and support a wavelength of 850 nm.


Local control is via a front-panel pushbutton. Remote control TELNET command interface allows the user to control switch position and monitor switch status. The switch is IP addressable. Control the switch position from a 10/100 Base-T LAN Ethernet environment. If power is lost, switch will default to the A position (prime) and continue to pass data. Switch position status may be attained via front panel LEDs or the remote Graphical User Interface software via the Remote LAN port.


For more information on the QuickSwitch® Model 6287 Fiber Optic Switch, contact Electro Standards Laboratories. Electro Standards Laboratories manufactures fiber optic switches for every interface. Electro Standards’ staff of knowledgeable sales engineers is available to assist with product and application questions: 401-943-1164, eslab@electrostandards.com.