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M7282 Redundancy Insures Reliability with this DB25 Interface A/B Switch

June 4, 2008



Electro Standards Laboratories (ESL), Cranston, RI, announces its Model 7282 2-Channel RS530 A/B Network Switch with DB25 Interface featuring Dual Serial Remote Control Ports and Dual Power Supply Ports. This network switch achieves high reliability through redundancy. Two separate external power supplies are connected to the unit. Internal circuitry automatically regulates which supply will power the unit. If a supply is removed, the supply remaining will power the unit.

Remote access is accomplished by RS232 commands sent via the Remote Serial Ports. Connecting the Serial Remote Port 1 of each M7282 in a multi-drop format will allow a command sent by the first serial control device to be heard by all connected Model 7282 units. Similarly, connecting the Serial Remote Port 2 of each M7282 unit allows a command sent from the second control device to be received by all connected Model 7282 units. Additionally, each M7282 data network switch is addressable and can be switched individually or all connected M7282’s can be switched simultaneously.  For information on the Model 7282 DB25 A/B network switch, click here:  http://www.electrostandards.com/ProductDetail/?productid=223

For more information about the Model 7282 and other Electro Standards data network switches, please call 401-943-1164, email eslab@ElectroStandards.com, or visit our Website http://www.electrostandards.com.

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