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M4127 and M4129 Fiber 485 Converters Connect HP F.O. Linked Terminals to RS-485 Controller Port

June 4, 2008



Electro Standards' new Fiber Optic 485 HP Fiber to RS-485 Converters connect fiber optic linked terminals to a controller having an RS-485/RS-422 interface port. The RS-485 is a versatile communication standard that communicates over long distances at fast data rates. The advantage of conversion to a fiber optic communication standard is that the data transmission is no longer susceptible to electrostatic or electromagnetic fields. This system offers full duplex connection between two devices having RS-422 ports. Plus, the ports of the connected terminals are protected from damage by potential differences (ground variations) that exist between them.

The Fiber 485 Model 4127 connects via a DB-15 connector; Model 4129 connects via an RJ-45 connector. These products convert RS-485/RS-422 serial communication interface to HP Versatile Link Plastic Core cable. They provide full galvanic isolation (no metallic connection) between connected devices. The data transfer rate is greater than 20 Kbps. These converters are configurable for use at the DCE and the DTE. Electro Standards also supplies HP Versatile Link Plastic Core Cables.  For details, click here: http://www.electrostandards.com/Search/advanced_search.asp?keyword=485+converters

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