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Low Impedance, Compact, A/B/C/D Switch with Exclusive Remote Control

January 13, 2009





Electro Standards Laboratories (ESL), Cranston, RI, announces the new Pathway ® Model 7385 DB-9 Interface A/B/C/D switch with Low Impedance and Exclusive Remote Control.  The M7385 is a compact, desktop network switch that allows the sharing of a single DB9 interface device among 4 other devices with resistance between the common port pins and the corresponding current position pins being less than 0.8 ohms.


This unique, 4-position switch has no local front panel controls making it the ideal choice for “remote control only” applications.  The DB9 remote port, located on the rear of the unit, accepts RS232 serial data ASCII commands for monitoring and control of switch position.  All nine pins of the DB9 interface are switched and the switch ports are transparent to data format.  This dependable switch will also maintain last set switch position in the event of a power loss and continue to pass data.  


Model 7385 was also featured on ThomasNet.


For more information contact Electro Standards Laboratories at 401-943-1164, eslab@electrostandards.com, www.ElectroStandards.com.  All Electro Standards Network Switches are available for export.  Government Agencies contact Electro Standards for GSA pricing on COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) network switches.