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High Density Fiber MTP Commercial Conversion Kit for M28876 Military Fiber System Applications

November 16, 2007
Electro Standards has developed a new 24-Fiber MTP Commercial Conversion Kit. This kit features form, fit, and function compatible with M28876 Military Fiber Systems. The footprint fits existing panel cutouts and mounting for M28876. This MTP system can be used without major documentation changes. The cost savings over the M28876 systems are approximately 10X. Additionally, the user can benefit from the system’s reduced weight.
This system was designed for Prototype Test System applications that do not experience extreme environments. Electro Standards offers fast delivery with commercial components. Simple color-coded tabs ensure flexible field installation. The assembly and maintenance are streamlined with Snap-Fit Fan Out fibers. The trunk cables are rugged and crush proof. Commercial conversion kits are available for M28876/NGCON/D38999 military fiber systems.  For details, click here: http://www.electrostandards.com/ProductDetail/?productid=1726
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