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Electro Standards Engineers Reliable Switches with Redundancy Features

December 28, 2011

For Immediate Release

Model 4148 Normal/Redundant Fallback Switch


Electro Standards Laboratories, Cranston, RI, has developed a number of network data switches that are engineered with redundancy safeguards as a means to increase the reliability of the switches and therefore the networks.


As an example, the Model 4148 uses a redundant system to back itself up. Another computer network switch, the Model 7282, uses an extra remote port as an additional means of communicating with the switch and an additional power supply port to ensure power is always available to the unit.


The Model 4148 is a normal/redundant fallback switch that self-configures connectivity based on the devices connected to it. The Model 4148 switch allows data broadcast, TD of the RS232 interface, from two data origination devices to be channeled to two devices designated as destination devices. The Model 4148 will self-configure its connectivity based on the devices connected to it, or the user can override its connection status from a front panel pushbutton.


This is how the Model 4148 Normal/Redundant switch works. During the Normal mode, the origin device connected to port D1 is connected to port COM1. The device connected to port D2 is connected to port COM2. If the RTS signal is lost from the device connected to D1, the Model 4148 changes to Redundant Fallback mode and automatically broadcasts the data from D2 device to both destination devices, COM1 and COM2. Likewise, if the RTS signal is lost from the device connected to the D2, the Model 4148 automatically broadcasts the data from the D1 device to both the devices COM1 and COM2. One of the status LED’s will be lit steady ON to reflect the connectivity status and signify that the unit is in Automatic operation. To override the Automatic operation, the user simply depresses the front panel pushbutton and holds it down for 5 seconds and then releases.

Redundancy can also refer to achieving reliability through using duplicate methods. The Model 7282 Dual-Channel RS530 A/B switch with DB25 interface incorporates dual serial remote control ports and dual power supply ports to achieve high reliability. Remote access can be accomplished by RS232 commands sent via the remote serial ports. Users can remotely monitor status and control switch functions. The dual power supply ports allow each of two separate external power supplies to be connected to the unit for redundancy. Internal circuitry will automatically regulate which supply source powers the unit. If a supply is removed, the supply remaining will power the switch.

The point is that your network is critical to the operation of your enterprise and your data switch cannot be a weak link in the network. Innovative switch designs that incorporate redundancy or other reliability enhancements can be built right into your switch. Electro Standards Laboratories has mastered the art of network switch design that incorporates redundancy to enhance switch reliability.


For more information on how a network switch with redundancy can improve your data network reliability, contact Electro Standards Laboratories: www.ElectroStandards.com, eslab@electrostandards.com, or 401-943-1164.