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Electro Standards Develops Remote GUI Software for Model 6254 Fiber Optic A/B Switch

September 22, 2011


How to Use the Remote GUI Software for Model 6254 


The Model 6254 is a RoHs Compliant, CE Certified, 4-Channel LC Duplex A/B Switch that allows each of its four channels quick connection to any one of two LC interface devices from one Common device.  The Model 6254 provides manual control from front-panel pushbuttons and remote control from an RJ45 remote control port via Telnet commands or GUI.  Remote Control of the Model 6254 allows IT Managers the flexibility to perform critical alternate path switching from offsite locations. 


The RJ45 remote port on the rear panel accepts 10/100 Base-T LAN access Ethernet to allow users to remotely control switch position, lockout front panel, and monitor switch status with easy to use, simple point and click operation from any standard web browser.  LAN access gives users across the LAN or over the Internet access to control if user network is configured accordingly.  Users can also change the Model 6254’s IP address.



Utilizing the Remote Graphical User Interface

The GUI software for the Model 6254 allows users to remotely control switch position to A or B with a simple point and click of a mouse.  It also can lockout the front panel pushbutton control of the Model 6254 and monitor switch status.  The following procedures will describe how to utilize the remote graphical interface (GUI) software to perform these functions.  The GUI can be accessed from either a standard web browser for users having access to the LAN that the Model 6254 LAN port is connected to or the Java Applet can be accessed from the DeviceInstaller application.


To Access GUI from Standard Web Browser:

To connect to the switch from a workstation or computer having access to the LAN that the QuickSwitch® 6254 LAN port is connected to, simply launch a standard web browser and type in the appropriate IP address.  The Java Applet will be automatically uploaded from the switch upon connection.  The environment requirement for the GUI is Java 1.6 and above. 


To Access GUI from DeviceInstaller:
The Java Applet can also be accessed from the DeviceInstaller application.  To control the QuickSwitch using DeviceInstaller, follow the steps listed below.

  • Open your DeviceInstaller application by clicking "Start->Programs->Lantronix->DeviceInstaller->DeviceInstaller"
  • When the DeviceInstaller GUI opens up, the first task it performs is to look for any Lantronix devices attached to the local area network.  You will see that, when devices are found, the left pane of the DeviceInstaller GUI will indicate so by displaying information below "Local Area Connection" which is your own local PC.  You must then expand the tree of elements until you reach the lowest level, which represents the IP address of your actual device.  When you do so, three tabbed panels will appear in the right-most pane.  Please select the pane labeled "Web Configuration".
  • The IP address of the switch will appear on the top of the panel, along with a green "GO" button.  To launch the QuickSwitch® 6254 GUI, simply click the "GO" button.  

How to Change Position and Lock Status of the A/B Switch from the GUI
To change the switch position for individual channels of the Model 6254, click on the radio button for A or B as desired for each channel.  

To lock and unlock the front panel pushbuttons for each channel of the Model 6254, click on the "Locked" or “Unlocked” radio buttons.  


How to Use the Gang Control from the GUI
The Gang Control function can be used to change the position or state of all channels simultaneously.  When all 4 channels are in the same position or state, that position or state will be selected by the gang controls.  If any one of the channels is in a different position or state, that respective gang control will not have either option selected.



The QuickSwitch® Model 6254’s GUI feature provides remote control access to control and monitor the switch with simple point-and-click operation.  All channels of the Model 6254 can be switched simultaneously using the Gang Control option or individually by selecting each channel separately on the screen.  The GUI also provides option of locking out front panel pushbutton as needed for secure remote control.


Electro Standards Laboratories manufactures an array of other Fiber Optic and Copper Network Switches.  ESL can also custom design network switches.  For more information about Model 6254 or any other network switches, call 401-943-1164, email: eslab@electrostandards.com, website: www.electrostandards.com.