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Electro Standards Adds Custom-Designed Network Switches to Its Core Capabilities

December 5, 2011

For Immediate Release

Electro Standards Offers Custom-Designed Copper & Fiber Optic Network Switches

Electro Standards Laboratories, Cranston, RI, offers hundreds of standard copper and fiber optic network switches on its e-Commerce Website. Despite the number of standard switches offered, the company found that potential customers were calling the company looking for something that was not offered by the company or easily found in the general marketplace.


The company made the business commitment to allocate the sales and engineering resources required to fill the design and manufacturing requirements for these particular customers. The company’s challenge was to accomplish this design/build at a cost that was within the customer’s budget and also profitable to the company. The company found that through its years of experience designing and manufacturing its wide array of switches it had acquired the requisite knowledge base and the lean manufacturing techniques to satisfy both the customer’s budgetary needs and still benefit the company.


Custom network switches can include any type of control methodology: automatic fallback, IP addressable, code-operated, contact closure, trigger characters and automatic sensing. Switches with multiple channels and positions are offered as required. Secure switching requirements are designed to spec, sometimes employing password protections and external or internal secure-offline positions. Switches can be built in desktop, rackmount and modular configurations. Switches have been designed to work in extreme temperature ranges. One customer required a switch ruggedized for the vibrations of a nuclear power plant; another for the vibrations encountered in mobile applications.


Custom fiber optic switches have been designed to suit numerous customers’ unique requirements. As an example, a customer required a 16-channel ST simplex Fiber Optic A/B/Offline switch. The switch needed to fit into a standard 19” rack and be manually operated via a front-panel pushbutton. All 16 channels needed to be switched simultaneously and the switch technology needed to support Gigabit data rates. The switch had to provide optical data throughput scalability and be bit-rate and data transparent. If the power were lost, the unit needed to go off-line and not pass data; with the power restored, the unit needed to be in its last position. The company designed and delivered the Model 6259 16-Channel ST Simplex Fiber Optic A/B/Offline switch to meet this customer’s specific requirement.


Electro Standards Laboratories is finding success in filling the niche market for custom network switches. The company maintains a staff of knowledgeable sales engineers, design engineers and staff to support this custom network switch business enterprise. For more information on the design capabilities of this company, visit www.electrostandards.com. Custom copper and fiber optic network switch design forms are available on the Products page of the company’s Website, http://www.electrostandards.com/Products/. The company has also published white papers to assist any network manager through the design thought process. These papers are available in the company’s Website download section, http://www.electrostandards.com/Downloads/. The easiest way to work through the design process is to contact a sales engineer at Electro Standards Laboratories: 401-943-1164.