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Eight Model 9247 DB9 AB Switches Pack Switching Capability into Model 9025 Rack

November 5, 2013
For Immediate Release

Model 9247 DB9 A/B Switch Module, Rackmount Configuration, Male Connectors

Electro Standards Laboratories, Cranston, RI, announces the new Model 9247 DB9 A/B Switch Module. The Model 9274 allows the user to access two DB9 devices connected to the A and B ports from one DB9 device connected to the COMMON port. Switching between devices is quick and easy via the front panel rotary selector.

The Model 9247 is manufactured with quality components including a sealed switch with self-wiping low impedance contacts. The attractive anodized aluminum packaging provides EMI/RFI shielding.  The company is so confident in the quality of this switch that it offers a free lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.

The Model 9247 switches all 9 pins of the DB9 interface. The switch is transparent to data speed and format. No external power supply is required for this manually operated switch. The port connectors include (3) DB9 male connectors labeled A, B and COMMON. The module dimensions are 2.0” W x 5.0” H x 8.0” D (5.1 x 12.7 x 20.3 cm). The single module weight is approximately 0.5 lbs. (0.3 Kg).

The Model 9247 is versatile. It can be inserted into Electro Standards’ Model 9025 rack-mount chassis. The 9025 rack can accommodate up to eight Model 9247 A/B switch modules. The rack size is 19” W x 5.25” H x 7” D (48.3 x 13.3 x 17.8 cm). The full opening for modules is 16.8” W (42.7 cm). Optional module rack filler panels are available to keep the appearance of the rack neat.

Electro Standards also offers the Model 9417 vertical mounting plate for the Model 9247 switch module. The dimensions of the plate are 5.0” H x 5.5” W (12.5 x 13.8 cm). The plate is 1/6” aluminum with four Pem fasteners aligned for easy mounting of the Model 9247 module.

The Model 9247 is available at a discount to municipalities, schools, and government agencies on GSA Schedule GS-35F-0286V. The Models 9247 module, 9025 rack, and 9417 mounting plate are all available for export.

A detailed spec sheet on the Model 9274 and its accessories is available on the company Website: http://www.electrostandards.com/ProductDetail/?productid=139. For product and application questions, contact Electro Standards Laboratories staff of sales engineers at 401-943-1164.

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