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Data Acquisition & Digital Signal Conditioners

Electro Standards Laboratories offers instrumentation and signal processors in both encased form factors or board-only versions suitable for embedded sensor applications. Features ability to collocate with sensor and provide immediate digitization and signal processing in order to minimize ambient interference on sensitive sensors and to seamlessly integrate into networked sensor architectures.

CellMite® Intelligent Digital Signal Conditioners

 Connect directly to standard strain gages, such as load cells, extensometers, and pressure sensors.


Model 4215 Series Smart Indicators

Intelligent microprocessor based instruments designed for the measurement and control of strain gage transducer based systems.

The CellMite® ProD line is suitable for embedded applications that require high speed/high accuracy analog and digital data acquisition yet also designed for ruggedized applications, operating from -40°C to 85°C.

CellMite® ProD line


Fiber\USB Load Cell Extender/Isolator

Extend the Distance of Four USB Load Cells over 500 Meters.
Ideal for Platform Scale Applications.
Fiber Optic Isolation from Noise.
Plug-and-Play USB