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Create a Robust Secure Conference Room Communication Switching System with Fiber Switch and Indicator

September 30, 2009



Electro Standards Laboratories (ESL), Cranston, RI, announces the QuickSwitch Model 5522 Single Channel, 3-State (JSIS/SVCN/OFF-LINE), ST Duplex Fiber Optic, Multimode Switch. The Model 5522 allows accessing two separate devices, ports JSIS and SVCN, via connection through a device connected to the ROOM port. The Model 5522 permits signals to pass uninterrupted in JSIS and SVCN positions or isolates in/out fiber in the secure OFF-LINE position.  With the M5521 Display Indicator linked to the Model 5522, a Robust Secure Conference Room Communication Switching System is created.


Other features of the Model 5522 include mirror technology and gigabyte data rate. The position of the Model 5522 will follow the keylock actuator position at all times when there is power to the switch. In the event power is lost, the switch will revert to OFFLINE status regardless of the keylock position. When power is restored, the unit will automatically read and match the switch position indicated by the keylock actuator.


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