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CellMite Model 4349 DAQ and Sensor Monitoring Board Ideal for High Traffic Network Applications

December 8, 2011


Model 4349 CellMite DAQ and Sensor Monitoring Board

The CellMite ® ProD Model 4349 Data Acquisition and Sensor Monitoring board is one of the newest additions to Electro Standards Laboratories’ CellMite® product line.  The Model 4349 has extended buffering and is ideal for high traffic network applications.


The Model 4349 is a high performance data acquisition and sensor module that is suitable for embedded applications that require a high speed analog and digital data acquisition unit that is accessible via an Ethernet network. Featuring 11 channels of 12-bit analog inputs that can be sampled up to 10,000 samples/second.  Digital data acquisition is also supported with 64-bits of simultaneously sampled digital inputs, 4-bits of isolated digital inputs, and 3 digital counter inputs that are also sampled at up to 10,000 samples/second.  High sampling rates make the Model 4349 perfect for recording important sensor data from transient applications such as pulsed power systems.


The CellMite® ProD line is designed for embedded applications that require high speed/high accuracy analog and digital data acquisition .  The Model 4349 is also designed to support ruggedized applications supporting operating temperatures from -40°C to +85°C. The communication channels are optically isolated in order to minimize system ground loops.  For applications requiring on-board data storage, the CellMite ProD features a wide input voltage range of 19VDC-36VDC, along with 3kVDC isolation.

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