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Advanced Methods of Powering Sensor Systems Developed by Electro Standards Labs

January 3, 2012

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Electro Standards Laboratories, Cranston, RI, is advancing the science of high-density energy storage with high pulsed power capability for remote sensor systems. This technology is directly related to sensor systems which often require low level continuous monitoring followed by high power bursts of energy to transmit their data.  This technology involves advanced ultra-capacitors and hybrid battery/ultra-capacitor modules. 


Projects include powering sensor systems in remote energy harvesting buoys. These power systems utilize embedded linear generators to accumulate ocean wave heave energy. This energy can be used to power sensors for long periods of time since the energy is being replenished from the environment. 


Electro Standards Laboratories is also applying its expertise to the science of harvesting energy from undersea currents utilizing optimized underwater generators.  Smart algorithms tune the controls to maximize energy harvesting. 


This technology is now readied for further development for commercial applications. Applications could include emergency beacons for all commercial and recreational watercraft and for offshore rig-monitoring buoys in the oil and gas industries. Longer term development would target scaling up the technology to provide an inexhaustible source of renewable electrical energy for powering larger systems.  Parties interested in this technology for their specific applications are invited to contact Electro Standards Laboratories. Dr. Raymond B. Sepe, Jr., is Vice President of the R&D Engineering Services Group and a principal in the company. Dr. Sepe can be reached at eslab@electrostandards.com or 401-943-1164.


Electro Standards Laboratories’ R&D Engineering Services Group offers expertise in embedded controls, sensorless motor controls, multi-level inverters, controls modeling and simulation for motor drive systems, energy storage and energy harvesting. The company works with both commercial enterprises and government organizations.



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