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  Electro Standards Laboratories offers advanced turnkey Contract Engineering Research and Development Services for motor control and power electronic systems. Articles on cutting-edge technology designed by the ESL Engineering Services Group have appeared in many publications. Some are listed below for your review.
  White Papers
  Wave Energy Conversion Systems Designed for Sensor Buoys 
  Wave Energy Conversion Systems Designed for Sensor Buoys (white paper in pdf)
  ESL's Web-enabled data acquisition (reprint in pdf)
  VE-LAB*, one of 35 winners in Control Engineering's 15th annual Editors' Choice Awards in 2001:
To view the award page: CONTROL ENGINEERING ONLINE
  *Patent Pending
  "A Virtual Engineering Lab for Motor Testing and Develpment" (reprint in pdf)
  "High-efficiency operation of a HEV S/G over road profiles." (reprint in pdf)
  "Driven to Excel" (reprint in pdf)
   Sensorless Switched Reluctance generators: a technology for aerospace applications  (reprint in pdf)
     Article appeared in the October issue of Military & Aerospace's Viewpoint.
   Sensorless Switched-reluctance generators: a technology ready for aerospace applications (online)
     by Dr. Babak Fahmi, IEEE member, Dr Raymond B. Sepe Jr., member IEEE
     How to Determine the Right Fiber Optic Switch for your Application!(article in pdf)
  Research and Development
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