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General Information

A/B/Common Other:
Chassis Type:
Rackmount Desktop
Rack Configuration:
19" Rack Other:
Most Rackmount Units are 1U High, any height restrictions?
Yes No Restrictions:
Type of connector/port preference:
BNC DB9 DB25 DB37 DB50
HD15 RJ45 RJ11/12 SCSI Telco 50-Pin
.1 x .1 Mini-Din USB Coax Other:
Port Polarity (Not required to quote.)
If the switch has RJ45 ports, is CAT 5 or 5e required?
CAT 5 CAT 5e Not Required
If the switch has Coax Ports, is there a specific impedance required?
Yes: No
Switch Control:
Local Manual Remotely Controllable Automatic Any Combination
Remote Control Type:
RS232 Serial Contact Closure IP Addressable Any Combination
Automatic Control:
Port 'A' Port 'B' Common Any Combination
Most remotely controllable switches also include local manual control.
Is a local front panel push button okay?
Yes No
Do you require a remote lockout of the local push button control?
Yes No
Do you require a dry contact closure?
Yes No


Any security concerns?
Yes No

Offline Switching

With remote and automatic switches, the switch can automatically switch to an offline position before switching between ports 'A' and 'B'.
Is an internal offline function required for switching between ports?
Yes No
Will the switch have a physical "offline" position that can be selected in which the switch will not be passing data?
Yes No
Is local control via a front panel push button okay?
Yes No

Power Loss

In the event of a power failure should the switch continue to pass data?
Yes No
If passing data during power loss, should data pass through the last selected switch position or go to the default position?
Last Position Default Position
Upon power up, should the switch remain in the last position or start up in the default mode?
Last Position Default Position

Number of Channels Per Chassis

One channel of A/B/Common or multiple channels of A/B/Common? (number of A/B switches per site)
One Channel Multiple

Multiple Channel Switch Control

Remote Control
Simultaneous Individual Both
Local Control
Simultaneous Individual Both


Most switches have an external power supply.
Is an external power supply okay?
Yes No
Power Supply Requirements:
115 VAC/60 Hz 220 VAC/50 Hz Other:
Approximate required on-site date: 

Contact Information:

Please complete all fields with your contact information so we may contact you to discuss your switch requirement.
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