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4154 POF Fiber Optic Repeater with RS232 Monitor Port

Base Price $355.00 /Ea
Catalog No. 304154
Model No. 4154
Cable Type 1mm Plastic Optical Filament
Configuration Compact Module
Connectors POF Versatile Link, DB9
Feature RS-232 Traffic Monitor Port
Fiber Transmission Distance 75 m (250 ft.)
Wavelength Nano 660 nm (red)
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Network Media Converters
Fiber 232®
Model 4154 POF Fiber Optic Repeater with RS232 Traffic Monitor Port, RoHS 2 Compliant

  • Extend and Repeat Fiber Optic Signals Over Versalink Cables.
  • Ideal for Casino Networks linking Video Lottery Terminals & Gaming Machines.

Model 4154 POF Fiber Optic Repeater with RS232 Traffic Monitor Port, RoHS Compliant


  • Plastic Fiber: POF
    • Cable Type: 1 mm plastic optical filament
    • Wavelength: 660 nm (red)
    • Fiber Transmission Distance: 75 m (250 ft.) (POF)
  • Copper Interface:
    • RS232 Connector: DB9 female
  • External Power Supply: Wall-mount power supply, included with the unit.
  • 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, UL, CUL, RoHS 2 (Cat. No. 523520).
  • Dimensions: 5.5" x 2.25" x 1.0" (139mm x 57mm x 25mm).
  • Weight: 0.5 Lb. (226 grams)
  • Status Display: Red LED

The POF Fiber Optic Signal Repeater with RS232 Monitor Port is used to regenerate data signals in order to extend the range between optically linked Video Lottery Terminals.  It also has the capability to monitor network traffic via an RS232 Monitor Port.  The fiber optic communication standard also allows data transmission that is no longer susceptible to electrostatic or electromagnetic fields.  Additionally, the RS232 monitor port is protected from damage by potential differences (ground variations) that often exist between them. 

Model 4154 Fiber Optic Repeater Application:
Copper Interface to Plastic Fiber Optical (POF) to Copper Interface
The drawing illlustrates the Model 4154 POF Fiber Repeater with a DB9 copper interface connector as a monitor and two Plastic Optical Fiber Versalink connectors. The DB9 is connected to a PC / Network Analyzer. The POF Versalink connectors are linked to Video Gaming Machines. Video Gaming Machines are also linked to the two POF Fiber Optic connectors of the Model 4139. The DB9 connector of the Model 4139 is connected to the controller.

Model 4154 POF Fiber Optic Repeater with RS232 Traffic Monitor Port Application Diagram

 Fiber 232® MODEL 4154 FEATURES:

  • RS232 Traffic Monitor port via a DB9 connector.
  • Provides full galvanic isolation (no metallic connection)
    between the fiber ports and the RS232 monitor port.
  • Allows the interference-free fiber optical transfer of data to be
    regenerated and its range extended.
  • Plastic Fiber connections via two standard Versatile Link connectors.
  • Link distance: greater than 500 meters (1640 feet) with 2.00 mm
    Hard Clad Silicon fiber cable.
  • Provided with external wall-mount power supply, UL approved.
  • RoHS 2 Compliant 
  • Municipalities, schools, government: This product is on GSA Schedule!
  • This high-quality network switch is available to city, state, and federal government purchasers at a discounted price and favorable payment and shipping terms via GSA Schedule GS-35F-0286V.Click here or on GSA icon for details.

RS-232 Signals
Model 4154
 DB9 Pin # Signal                 Signal Direction 
 3  RXD   «--- IN
 2  TXD  ---» OUT
 5  REF/GND  

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