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Remotely or Manually Switch (3) V.35 Channels and (1) DB25 Channel of AB Switching with Model 9501

March 7, 2014

For Immediate Release


Model 9501 Quad Channel A/B Switch with Serial Remote Control


Electro Standards Laboratories, Cranston, RI, announces the new Model 9501 Quad-Channel A/B Switch with serial remote control. The Pathway Model 9501 allows the sharing of a single port interface device connected to the COMMON port among two other devices or networks connected to the A and B ports for each channel. The switch fits neatly into a standard 19” rack (19.0” x 3.5” H x 10.0” D. The switch weighs approximately 8 lbs. This switch is available for sales worldwide.


The Model 9501 can be controlled locally via the front-panel rotary switches.  A DB9/F port located on the rear of the switch accepts ASCII RS232 serial data for remote control operation. Switch position states may be attained locally via the front panel LED display or remotely using serial commands. Nine (9) V.35 female connectors labeled A, B and COMMON provide input/output for the three V.35 channels. Three (3) DB25 female connectors labeled A, B and COMMON provide input/output for the DB25 channel.  Eight (8) front-panel LED’s display switch position and power status.


The switch ports are transparent to all data. Seventeen (17) pins of the V.35 interface and all pins of the DB25 interface are switched. When the rotary switch is set to REMOTE, the user can remotely query the status of the switch and change its position. Each of the four channels is controlled independently. The front-panel rotary switches allow manual switching of the Model 9501 at all times, including during a power loss.  The switch maintains position and continues to pass data during a power loss while in the REMOTE position.


The Model 9501 comes complete with a UL approved 120VAC, 60Hz wall-mount power module that supplies 12 VDC, 500 mA to the unit. The company also offers custom length DB25 and V.35 cable assemblies.


For more information on the Model 9501 including a full-color application diagram and a link to the downloadable spec sheet visit the company Website at http://www.electrostandards.com/ProductDetail/?productid=1975. Knowledgeable sales engineers are available to discuss your applications and to provide product details, call 401-943-1164 or email eslab@electrostandards.com.