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NEW Complex Data Stream Monitoring Tool by Electro Standards Laboratories, the CellMite ProD M4349

August 10, 2022

            Electro Standards Laboratories of Cranston, RI is proud to present their newest commercial off the shelf smart sensor board, designed for embedded applications that require high speed and high accuracy analog and digital data acquisition.  The CellMite ProD model 4349 is a high-performance embedded data acquisition and sensor monitoring node accessible via an ethernet network. This model creates both a low-speed monitoring data stream and a high-speed transient event data stream that are designed to measure and report both static and pulsed sensor events. The CellMite ProD features a wide input voltage range of 19VDC-36VDC, along with 3kVDC communication channel optical isolation to minimize system ground loops.
           The M4349 uses eleven channels of 12-bit analog inputs that can be sampled up to 10,000 samples/second. Digital data acquisition is also supported with 64-bits of simultaneously sampled digital inputs, 4-bits of isolated digital inputs, and 3 digital counter inputs that are also sampled at up to 10,000 samples/ second. The high sampling rates make the Model 4349 perfect for recording important sensor data from transient applications such as pulsed power systems. Direct PC to network communication is supported by a 10/100 BaseT ethernet data channel with user selectable event and monitor data packet size to minimize network congestion. 
            The model 4349 is ideal for high traffic network applications, and commercial off-the-shelf applications. Applications include high speed data logging, recording pulsed sensor events, multiple data stream monitoring, recording transient data triggered by events, and multi-rate and mixed signal data recording. For applications requiring on-board data storage, the CellMite ProD features 750K words of onboard memory that can be used to buffer transient event data. 
             For further technical specifications please see the product specifications sheet linked to the M4349 product listing on our website, or click here. If this product sounds like something that could help improve any current or future applications and would like to speak with one of our attentive and motivated salespersons or engineering staff, please feel free to call, email, or use the chat feature on our website. Do you need a custom board designed for your application? If so, our experts can help you, please submit a custom product request form here: https://www.electrostandards.com/support/custom-product-request/. Stayed tuned on Electro Standards Labs News page for new product announcements. 

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