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Model 7278 Single Channel RJ45, CAT5e, ABCD Switch with Serial Remote Control

November 30, 2010

Electro Standards Laboratories, Cranston, RI, announces the Model 7278 Single Channel RJ45, CAT5e, A/B/C/D Switch with Serial Remote Control. This switch allows accessing four separate devices, ports A, B, C and D, via connection through a device connected to the Common port.


This versatile switch can be controlled locally using the front-panel pushbutton or remotely from a DB9 (F) port using Serial ASCII Commands. Switch position states may be attained via front panel LED display or remotely using Serial Commands.


For added security the front-panel pushbutton control can be locked out remotely. In the event of a power loss the switch retains the last switch position and continues to pass data.


This switch features include:

  • Allows quick connection to any one of four devices from one COMMON device.
  • Switches all eight pins of the RJ45 interface.
  • Eliminates the need to plug and unplug cables.
  • Transparent to data speed and format.
  • Certified CAT 5e compliance.
  • Local control via front-panel pushbutton.
  • Remote control port allows off-site monitoring and switch management.
  • The REMOTE port accepts RS232 Serial Data ASCII commands for switch position contnrol and monitoring.
  • Front-panel pushbutton control can be locked out remotely.
  • Front-panel LED's display switch position and power status.
  • Retains last switch position in the event of power loss and continues to pass data.
  • Attractive anodized black box packaging provides EMI/RFI shielding.

This switch is available to United States government agencies at a discount via GSA Schedule GS-35F-0286V. For more information contact Electro Standards Laboratories, 401-943-1164, eslab@electrostandards.com, or via www.electrostandards.com.