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Model 4875 Remotely Controllable Special Interface KVM A/B Switch

May 9, 2008



Electro Standards Laboratories has just announced its new Model 4875 Remotely Controllable KVM A/B Switch. This data network switch allows access to two computer/servers from a single set of KVM devices. The keyboard, monitor, and mouse devices are connected to the Common set of ports, DB25 (custom RS-422 keyboard), HD15 (monitor), and mini-din 6 (PS/2 mouse). The “A” and “B” sets of connectors on the Model 4875 are connected to each of the two computer/servers sets of ports. Front panel LEDs display switch position status.

The keyboard ports are transparent to all data. The monitor/video port signals are regenerated and driven and support up to 1920 x 1440 resolution, bandwidth 200MHz. The mouse port connections support PS/2 mouse emulation as required to the non-connected computer/server. Switch by depressing the front-panel pushbutton or through the rear-panel remote control port. Mount, monitor and keyboard are switched simultaneously. The Model 4875 is enclosed in an all-aluminum case for durability and EMI/RFI interference resistance in noisy environments.

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